That NeoGlobalistLibtard Streatham Palindrome Date – 02 02 2020

222 in Gematria = Order Out of Chaos.

My Goodness –

[[[They]]] desperately want [[[their]]] NeoGlobaLibtardMegaCorpRobotoidCommunistFabianNewWorld Order  soooooooo badly – don’t [[[they]]].  BORING.

How many Ley Lines in Streatham again?  YAWN.
Did Mark Windows blink at that meeting they had on Bodmoor Nathaniel?
F*** if I know Alexander. Well Jacob you Better poke XR to get on over..

Proper Nerks devoid of any real  ”joie de vivre” that’s for sure!  Sitting in some darkened underground airless room sweating over a Gematria Calculator – emails flying right & left.  Poor sods.  Hark Hark The Dogs Do Bark.  Barking more like.  Goodness Me!

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