John Wilson Qld: It’s War Australia. The People v Political Parties

Published on Feb 6, 2020

Foreword: This channel does not support Trump we would if he terminated all the zionist filth that surround him, starting with his son in law. John Wilson Tells it how it is, being a former Union organiser he now can see like many of us how the Union movement in Australia has been led onto the Communist pervert plantation by the Fabian society, Bob Hawke, Keating, Whitlam, Rudd, Gillard etc. They all SOLD OUT OUR COUNTRY along with all the other major parties including the TREASONOUS LIBERAL PARTY & GREENS.

Don’t tread on us song.…
His Facebook page is.…

We are taking this country back Australia, John Wilson tells his view on what is going on and it is a good watch, we all don’t have to agree 100% but at least we are all moving in the same direction, we have the criminals in our sights. The Political Party NWO COMMO SOLD OUT TURNCOAT HACKS. Backup Channel:…
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People YouTube are editing our videos cutting segments out etc. We suggest to go over to BitChute on our backup channel.

wayne mortell
People please Corona is very real never allow yourself to be manipulated

Wherse Waldo
It is going to be biblical. 2020 epiphosko – to let shine, to dawn. Hatstsalah – Deliverance . Esther 4:14

doug burge
will do mate ..Thankyou !

Peter Friswell
Thanks for letting us know 👍

I believe that our current government and any politicians from any party so have been corrupt should be all sacked and locked up and throw away the key or even worse when And up and get charged for treason and any other charge you can think of the Morrison government is about the damage Australia in the worst way possible this is an effing disgrace I feel so sad for the flat farmers and doesn’t matter what Pharma you and what you provide to the people this is all by design to cripple Australians this is an effing disgrace

I loved the picture about the English asking for America’s guns .. we shot them .. damn skippy you did and we should’ve done the same after the farce that was port Arthur

Keep an eye on the 18th feb the numbers in gematria lines up that date with Kobe Bryant’s death, trump, China and the virus.. The channel ”Whiteboard Gematria” is doing fantastic work into decoding [[[their]]] rituals. Please don’t dismiss gematria as just numbers, this is how these ppl talk to each other without letting us in on it

White Board Gematria – 28 Days Later Feb 18 – The real deal

6 February 2020

28 days after the virus, can it get better, or can it only get worse… Here’s the video I reference to portals, 👍

Lisa Anne
I hope everyone knows little Johnny Howard was at 9/11 he was in DC Howard went to some ceremony on the 10th he talked an Aussie veteran into staying an extra day ……the next day the plane the veteran was booked on went into pentagon Our government are criminals  GW: What did [[[they]]] really do to the Aussie War Vet I wonder.

Mike Carman
Lisa, just maybe those who slammed into the towers, planned it because certain people were going to be in America at the time.. Mr Howard, brought this country out of a massive debt and put us into credit so as we did not have to be paying interest which in turn gave us even more money.. and all that was gone within 3 months of the labor getting into government, and we were in debt again..

100%, at a personal level the roman cult has reduced our standing to that of an animal, start here and correct status, we need to let them know in numbers that we are rising up. This is what’s happening:

Nathan Dunning
The Battle is between Good & Evil mate it’s been waging ever since the garden of Eden.

Mike Carman
Yes, look at this… The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals – Rense

People have to realize that both the major parties have broken their promises to the people for over 40 years. So we need to restructure our social contract and relationship with Party Politic’s as they have abused their mandate to the people, sold out our country, lied to us, sold off the peoples’ utilities and land to big corporate monopolies. People have the power to change there destiny. We are not consumers we are human beings, so come together and protect our country and values.

What a really good information video anyone who believes the mainstream media on any front is foolish I wouldn’t believe anything that comes from radio television all the papers it’s all propaganda bullshit every time they open their mouth regarding finance and society is all lies regarding property and all the bullshit around it is all corrupt so thank you for this video my phone and drawn to many people in my list of important people who need to watch and listen this is vital to get out to the people keep up the good work (edited)

Mike Carman
We stopped watching the news and (other than films) looking at TV three years ago and have not brought a paper for 15 years. A couple of right wing journalists told us (at different times) that they had to get out as they were being so bullied for being right wing.. no one knows what is the truth, and most media is left now. I do not care if they are left or right, i just want the real news without any slants on it, or changing it by leaving out certain things to make it look what it is not.. .

Anthony Wilson
Well done bud. Get it out there. I’m constantly nudging people about what’s going on. I get ridiculed and looked at funny but at same time there is a good whack of people out there getting on board and acknowledging that something is terribly wrong. Your efforts and actions are really what needs to be done. Writing to the authorities via the My Will letter is a good start. Reminding these f&&&&&& that we are really jacked off with their lying and carry on. This deceit and manipulation throughout history all over the world has been going on for a long time. There are still way too many people asleep and in their cosy little bubbles. It takes effort to seek out and find out the truth. We need to really shake everyone up. Congratulations and thankyou.

Leanne Hawkins
Don’t tread on us

Leanne Hawkins
My concerns about Trump is along with Hilary Clinton are 19th cousins to Kind Edward 111?? Check Genealogy?? Apparently, all presidents not assassinated are related to King Edward 111?? Whole thing is a con??

Mike Carman
Gee, we can make some good stories out of these ones.. I gather that I am related to royals also way back, as are so many of us.. they did not keep their personals to themselves it would seem.. › news › culture_and_living › 2017/01/24 › do… Donald Trump is related to most Icelanders and Danish and … Jan 24, 2017 – President Donald J. Trump is the direct descendant of Hakon V King of … through a common ancestor, John of Gaunt, son of King Edward III. (edited)

Leanne Hawkins
@Mike Carman however, you’re not the president of the US? Big difference?? Hillary also? So it’s just a coincidence you say?? This planet is full of all these coincidences all linked back to Royal family/money/power?? For you to say what you’ve said makes me wonder about vested interests trolling behaviour?? Otherwise why would you bother??

Leanne Hawkins
Been trying to get people to beware of the contamination from all our water sources?? Get good filters and even filter rainwater now because of acid rain/dust storms and smoke from the fires?? More information under this youtube link

paradigm shift

the fluffy duffa
What happened to them? They got washed out by mass immigration

me ku
man, you have Trump all wrong! do some REAL research into who the man is & his many ties to mobsters & his money laundering & drug operations, not to mention his sexual assaults against many women. his own ex-wife, Ivanna, mother of his 3 oldest children stated in court documents Donald Trump raped her. check out the work of the late Wayne Barrett, David Cay Johnston, Adam Davidson, even Ralph Nader, Kevin Barrett, Democracy Now, The Last American Vagabond, Know More News, NeverLoseTruth, among many others (edited)

@me ku cobblers go and spin your crap round the Vatican!!!

me ku
@CHRISTOPHER ALLEN my posts are for people who still have good cognitive function. I’m not trying to reach the dead. RIP

@me ku you’ll be eating your words when he comes to your rescue!!

me ku
@CHRISTOPHER ALLEN you are a classic example of the mass Stockholm Syndrome we see in this country especially. I suggest you do some REAL research. Check out some of the people in my aforementioned post, such as Trump’s unofficial biographer, the late Wayne Barrett.

@me ku suggest you take note of what’s happening in USA and get on board with Q perhaps you will view him differently because if he’s not we are all F—-D

me ku
@CHRISTOPHER ALLEN Q is a psyop controlled by the Department of Defense (which in REALITY is the Department of OFFENSE).

CHRISTOPHER ALLEN q is all controlled. There are no elites on our side.

@Payge Oh wake up!!

me ku
I wouldn’t say Max Igan flipped out. Earth really is a flat plane & he came to that realization, but then backed down; perhaps he got too much ridicule from globe heads & figured he would lose credibility among them.

@me ku We got bigger fish to fry instead of flat Esrth. We could not care any less if it’s an oblong.

Sir Jhonson
The only thing they understand is bullets .

Sir Jhonson
This happened because they gave up their GUNS !

Hemant Pandey
NWO don’t need humans after 2030. Robots are better than humans. Only top 1% humans may remain after the shakeout.

Juul Clark
Will you all stop accusing DonaldTrump of being part of the diabolical UN’s New World Order! Donald Trump is the one leader of the western world who is totally OPPOSED to communism and the New World Order. Why do you think those evil devils called the Democrats have done their utmost to try to throw Donald Trump out?? The Democrats are the ones who are in cahoots with the globalists, the child sex racket, drug cartels etc, Donald Trump is not! He has said in many of his speeches, that the USA will never be a socialist or communist state and he will not allow the USA to be part of a new world order. (edited)

Petra Red
#Qanon #TheWorldIsChanging. Why will you not admit Q is legit?!

Christine Langley
How can we be handed over to China when we were handed over to the US as a corporation by Whitlam?!

Marko Sarich
Any one else notice we are being treated like animals by the government?

Like the Ancient Greek Philosophers said never trust an ISAM communism capitalism or socialism.

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