Nine in ten drivers said they do not feel safe on smart motorways – BEFORE it was revealed 38 people had died on them in five years

  • Just 12% polled think smart motorways are as safe as traditional motorways
  • Two in five drivers want no more smart motorways to be introduced in the UK
  • Some 15% surveyed think all existing smart routes should be scrapped now
  • Dangers of smart motorways to be highlighted by BBC Panorama investigation
    Minister who decided to introduce smart routes claim MPs were ‘misled’

overworked tax payer, wish i was in, Cape Verde,
the roads like the country are hopelessly overcrowded and people drive like f in idiots – toxic mix

Chris, Surrey, United Kingdom,
It’s easy to make a mistake if there is too much going on. Put back the hard shoulder and scrap variable speed limits.

I say what I see., Stafford, United Kingdom,
As usual the “Powers that be” have known people are not happy about them from day one yet still plough in the tax payers money to make them.

no one, somewhere knowwhere, United Kingdom,
Using the hard shoulder is the government’s way of getting out of spending more money. Most UK motorways were out of date before they were even finished, any motorway should have 5 lanes either side plus the hard shoulder for people whose transport breaks down, the motorway system we have today is what you get for penny pinching.

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