Why did the NHS let me change sex? Star witness in court battle against clinic that fast-tracked her gender swap aged 16 reveals what happened when she made a cry for help

Transition Regret Videos


Miss Demeanour, Auburndale, United States,
This isn’t the first and won’t be the last heartbreaking reality.

pentathol, meah, United Kingdom,
A 6 year old girl loses a race, walks in and slumps down of sofa. ” Whats up “, ” I wish I was a boy “. Now once we would say that if you tried hard and practice you may beat them next time. Now they say then you must become a boy. Little girl mind says ” hey I can BE a boy? I can then win race ” . the point is, kids don’t think like adults and have different motives.

GG133, Colchester, United Kingdom,
The NHS was formed originally to help ‘sick’ people. These people ARE NOT SICK! Why are we wasting so much money on this, when the NHS is having to cut down on the types of services they can do, which would help people who are sick and suffering. In this case, I think the parents have a lot to answer for as well. Presumably this ‘male’ is now expecting even more NHS treatment – what a joke!

romft, wells, United Kingdom,
i have a friend who had a sex change at 20 thinking it would make his life better as a woman. She is now 32 and has never worked in her life and suffers depression and suicidal thoughts,she lives on benefits and a flat provided,plus a car to get around in. in fact I have never seen anyone so fed up with their life,and it certainly does’nt make life better in her case.

TakohamoOlsen2, Fremantle, Australia,
Because you insisted on your rights (?) and if the NHS queried your decision, you would’ve sued them, won, copped a right settlement, been a poster-child for the gender-transform community and had the op anyway. The NHS obviously wanted to avoid that and only did as they were told, as the ‘patient is always right’ about these things. IMO you didn’t think this through properly and now blame them instead of yourself. Think these things through, don’t insist on your rights, speak to people about the op and weigh up the good and bad before you jump in.

GW: Stop blaming the NHS. Blame all the so called ”influencers” making a fortune out of telling gullible people how they should live their lives.

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