TAP: Will 2-02-20 be a significant day?

Fri24 Jan 2020
posted by Tapestry

I don’t do numerology as a rule and am no expert at it, but the date 20.2.2020 or 2.2.2020 must be unusual. Also the digits add up to 8, a number known for occult significance – as in Augustus Caesar – Octavian – the emperor God – Octavian meaning 8th. August the 8th month, named after him. I notice Miles Mathis continually referring to the number ‘8’ as of occult significance and an exciting total for Satanists.

In terms of numbers, 22.2.2020 or 2.22.2020 has more 2’s but adds up to 10 so is less potent as an occult total.

Any thoughts? Any numerologists in our readership?

Maybe these are simply good days for comedy.

They could also be great days to heal yourself – with this. Might as well be positive!

Will the 2nd of February be a significant day?

GW: Look Out TAP’s just jumped in the Deep End. Where’s the lifeguard?

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