Pole Shift imminent?

JULY 6, 2019
I believe there is an ‘end game’ to all of this centuries of utter putrid sh!te. A confilct with Iran is just around the corner (no more than 4 to 7 weeks away) which will escalate. World War 3. Followed by the Pole Shift (no later than late 2024). We are in the 7 years of tribulation right now and things are about to get worse before they get better. It’s time to get ourselves right ‘spiritually’ speaking.

JULY 6, 2019
Earth’s magnetic field is NOT about to reverse 💡

Richard Holme, PROFESSOR of Geomagnetism at the UNIVERSITY of LIVERPOOL, said: “There has been…$PECULATION… that WE ARE ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE A MAGNETIC POLAR REVERSAL or EXCURSION. However, by studying the two most recent excursion events, we show that neither bear resemblance to current changes in the geomagnetic field and therefore 💡 IT IS PROBABLY UNLIKELY THAT SUCH AN EVENT IS LIKELY TO HAPPEN. 💡

“Our research suggests instead that the current weakened field will recover without such an extreme event, and therefore is unlikely to reverse.”

The strength and structure of the Earth’s magnetic field has varied at different times throughout geological history. At certain periods, the geomagnetic field has weakened to such an extent that it was able to swap the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south, whilst geographic north and geographic south remain the same.

Called a geomagnetic reversal, the last time this happened was 780,000 years ago. However, geomagnetic excursions, where the field comes close to reversing but recovers its original structure, have occurred more recently.

The magnetic field shields the Earth from solar winds and harmful cosmic radiation. It also aids in human navigation, animal migrations and protects telecommunication and satellite systems. It is generated deep within the Earth in a fluid outer core of iron, nickel and other metals that creates electric currents, which in turn produce magnetic fields.


JULY 7, 2019
I’d be very careful about using sources from an establishment university as evidence that the Pole Shift is not going to happen. Incidentally, Pole Shifts are quite common in the earth’s long history and there are those more credible out there who have and are doing a lot of research into the one that is approaching very soon. Mark Elkin on Patreon and Chris Thomas Wakefield on Youtube. Naughty Beaver on Youtube looks into the prophecy side of it; particularly those of Nostradamus.

The ”maverickstar reloaded channel” is also very good…the guy is a trained and qualified scientist:

Heads Up Vertical Jetstreams Pole Shift Grand Solar Minimum Climate Change


maverickstar reloaded
23 january 2020

JULY 9, 2019
It doesn’t matter to me whether you believe & accept it or not. However, for the sake of being pedantic. I’ll quote a site that ‘proves’ some of Nostradamus’ works…..https://www.indy100.com/article/nostradamus-predictions-2017-2018-truth-hitler-911-donald-trump-8128816

JULY 9, 2019
Be aware also that there are those in power who have an agenda and vested interest to seek to disprove/debunk the approaching Pole Shift. That’s precisely what ‘they’ want. People being kept in the dark over the truth.

GW: Link not working?  Dear Oh Dear. More bit burning by tptwtb. Scrub Scrub Scrub eh? UK Column observed today that Greta has lost a lot of weight recently. The pressure’s really on [[[them]]] now.

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