Global sharpshooters trained in Christchurch as mosque shooting unfolded

GW: So  no probs with any old gunsters bringing equipment through airports then.  Just tell em you’re with the ”Global Sharpshooters” mate.</em

Peeky: The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
Aussie Bush Fires & Christchurch…Connect the Dots
Videos From Peekay
Date: 2020-01-19

Mary Long
Eucalyptus trees, native to Australia, are gummy and very flammable and have been the cause of bush fires in Portugal and Greece where the species of tree has been introduced in the past for commercial purposes. And Dr Pall Victoria notes: “I have been predicting that 5G will cause massive fires because of the impact of 5G EMFs on plants. EMFs impact plants producing large increases in intracellular calcium levels which act in turn to produce large increases in highly volatile and highly flammable terpenes. This, in turn, can make the plants burn as if they were sprayed with a light spray of gasoline.”

i haven’t looked into that aspect of your claim, and it certainly has a ring of creditabilty to it, but we have had the same kinds of fires with the uptick in winds and the heavy spraying of chemtrails which have saturated the soil over the years and California dosen’t have eucalyptus trees as does Australia so I believe it may be a contributing factor, but we also know that Agenda 21/30 is at play in Australia and California.

Mary Long
Nice! My comment is twofold. On topic, this mirrored ’video from Peekay’ connects The Crazy World of Arthur Brown song ’Fire’ to Aussie bushfires, which in my humble’ is a slightly tenuous post-event attempt at ’Dammegårding’and is not exactly ’Westminster’ as spotted in Nice by Ole Dammegård, or ’Las Vegas’ as sleuthed by Anaconda MaltLiquor at the Freeman High school phony fake show! I am persopnally acquainted with Arthur Brown and will ask again about ’Fire’. Re: flammable trees, you responded “i haven’t looked into that aspect of your claim, and it certainly has a ring of creditabilty [sic] to it”... well, I only read it two days ago on the BBC It’s a separate claim made by Dr Pall Victoria that EMF affects plants and trees exactly the same as EMF effects human cells, which is that EMF signals to the cell that it is sick or stressed, causing the cell to release masses of calcium from the outer shell to the inner cell to aid healing. As the cell is not sick, and after several months of this calcium release which is millions of times higher than normal, the cell dies. In trees this process apparently promotes the production of flammable turpines – turpentine! Scientists have for years been analysing goop from regular house guttering to measure micro meteorite particles… if what you say is a reality “…the heavy spraying of chemtrails which have saturated the soil over the years” surely, if chemicals from chemtrails are so ubiquitous that they saturate soil beneath canopied trees and make them flammmable, someone can easily find traces of said chemicals in house guttering? One must be healthily skeptical and humbly honest to leave only the truth standing!

Mary Long
Peekay, referring to the arrest of Brenton Tarrant says ’staged footage of him being dragged out of the car’, but check the footage and Tarrant is not there – it’s a dummy they first drag out the passengers side and then 13m up the footpath and roll over using their feet! I also am acquainted with Arthur Brown and have asked his opinion on the use of his song on March 15th in NZ... the response was words to the effect that he knows his song ’Fire’ had been used multiple times in the likes of spree shootings and pretentious satanic ritual, said without the slightest interest in whether Christchurch was a conspiracy of any sort from Mr Brown himself!

You can refute anyone verbally criticizing the video as a hoax, but you can’t refute the video which is without a doubt a hoax which I have reviewed several times and that’s exactly why they attached a jail sentence to anyone showing or possessing the video. Disappearing CGI shell casings, Hollywood squibs, and shotgun blasts from inside the vehicle that don’t blow out the windshield or the side window or the drivers ears just to name a few. Then you have this creature Jacinda Ardern smiling and strutting down a hallway with her entourage showcasing her package which is much bigger than the one Michelle Obama has been known to flaunt. It’s all a joke to them and it probably won’t be long before they attach criminal and monetary penalties for speaking out on this obvious hoax as they did with Jim Fetzer for writing the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.  GW: You mean Jacinta Hard’un don’t you.  That’s [[[their]]] little joke.

Mary Long
I was surprised to read recently that there are as many intersex people out there as there are redheads! Jacinda Ardern’s downstairs equipment does not affect her ability to make decisions, and in truth it’s nobody under the sun’s business! The fact that she had a child, should raise an eyebrow though, as never in all history has an intersex woman with incomplete or confused reproductive organs and hormones produced a baby! Her daddy’s police tenure, and her Mason-sponsored education is of far more interest to me than her south junk! The NZ mosque attack was very obviously staged, and is easily confirmed so by looking at the banned Australasia-wide video – a video that Ms Ardern says she saw inadvertently, hah… there’s a porky!

This awful song was obviously planted as a stage prop for that fake shooting for sure….the satanists enjoy their eye symbolism don’t they?….that tattoo is ridiculous

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