CENSORED: Growing Up Deep State – The Vindmans et al

Amazing Polly
23 January 2020

EDITED RE-UPLOAD. Q: What do the CIA & the Mafia have in common? A: Large Unassimilated (censored) Communities.

NYT VinDm@n story: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/29/us…
Vindman Bus Driver fired for smuggling people from Ferry Docks: https://www.newspapers.com/image/1458…
Ken Burns Doc: https://www.pbs.org/kenburns/statue-o…
Kitman article: https://www.timesofisrael.com/a-jewis…
Vindm@ns Photos C@rol Kitm@n Photography: http://carolkitman.com/Artist.asp?Art… Kalmanovich: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worl…
MEGA Group article: https://larouchepub.com/other/2001/28…
Department of Justice, UniCredit: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/unicre…
European Bank for Reconstruction 2002 document: https://www.ebrd.com/downloads/resear…
Bris Avrohom: https://www.nytimes.com/1995/03/04/ny…
NJ Mob still active: https://www.app.com/story/news/invest…
AERODYNAMIC file 1, CIA: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingro…

3 Nov 2019: Shabtai von Kalmanovic killed while his car was stopped at traffic lights, in what police say was a professional hit

Amazing Polly
Since Impeachment is happening right now, I thought it was worth it to put this up again. Impeachment is the Deep State trying to protect its criminal rackets! This is the Global Mafia versus President Trump’s administration. To send me a few bucks you can go here: https://Paypal.me/PollyStGeorge OR you can find my P.O Box Address through my website amazingpolly.net on the Contact page. thank you everyone! The Storm is Here. ♥

Dale Patterson
You should have seen the look on people’s faces when I told them the KGB was only going to shift gears, when the Berlin Wall came down, back in 1989. People with a long history of working at National Security were incredulous that I would say such a thing. They didn’t seem to understand that the very same people who commit International Espionage would be best suited for organized, crime as well. It gave me an understanding that too many people within the Intelligence Community are way too stupid to be there. Same thing goes for our government “public servants,” in general. Too many are there just collecting a paycheck. Time to clear out the swamp. (edited)

Bobby McKinlay
Well, I’m just gonna “like” this one ’til my thumb turns blue again, YouTube… 😊👍🎨💙💙💙… 🙌😁… 👊😜👍 Get ’em, Polly-!!!!! ✨🌟💖🇺🇸💙🇨🇦💖🌟✨

Real Underdog
@Dale Patterson you sir are a CO-Wrect! So many low iq- common sense less moron order taking cock sucking self aggrandizing selfish narcissistic psychopaths, not one has a friend besides paid associates of satan. Ya know?

Patrik S
They are all in it; all actors hired by the same theater; trump is one of them. I believe you are part of the controlled opposition unless you only are in it for the money. A limited hangout of Jewish maffia is just too covenient. In my eyes you are also suspected just because you have too many subs. I may be wrong but I don’t think so. You are one of those who destroy the real truth movement.

Tyler Parisi
@Real Underdog – Yep

Archangel Antonio
If you think there’s something wrong Holes appearing on your lawn Don’t you blame the man next door It’s not him Flowers walk from place to place Dark spot moves around your face Objects vanish without trace It’s not you I’m the mole from the ministry And you’ll all bow down to me I’m the mole in your potting shed I’m the bad thoughts inside your head And you won’t catch me (fish and visitors smell after three days) If you think there’s something strange Garden starts to rearrange From perfect lawn to mountain range It’s not you I’m the mole from the ministry Working underground And you’ll all bow down to me Moving facts and figures all around I’m the mole in your potting shed Undermine your world I’m the bad thoughts inside your head And you shouldn’t think me, no! And you shouldn’t think me Mole Mole Mole

Socratic Method
Eric must really mean Voldemort…

Steven Seys
Polly, we are The Storm. WWG1WGA!

Philip K. Veritas
@Patrik S Tell me Why you think POTUS-45 is anything other than what he professes? To What Purpose? They could have just let Witch Hillary in and The NWO’s 2nd American Civil War would be almost over, WW3 would be here & now. The Constitution evaporated. Richmond, VA could not have happened. 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th…ALL gone -You and I would be in a mass grave or burn pile already. THAT my friend, IS TRUTH.

lilshadow Vicki-72
@Ben Szemkus I personally don’t think that he’s Prince Charles son. Look nothing alike.

Harri Honkanen
It’s a global civil war.. The Corrupt versus The Justice Seekers.. Choose your army

Harri Honkanen
@Jeffrey Daugherty YouTube interview Pierre Sabak author of Holographic Culture and Murder of Reality... Fascinating stuff…

Amazing Polly They forgot to redact one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s email addresses from court documents & someone has recently hacked it!!!

Jonny Mosquito Strawman at Large
The Deep State education nature’s a deep-seated need for government support, it makes you believe the government will help you. JUST LIKE ALL Q IDIOTS think Trump will save them.

Jaggedlittle Redpill
Schiff is a double agent

Patrik S
@Philip K. Veritas , Elections are rigged since long time ago, not only in US but also here in Sweden. Have you ever noticed any significant difference during all years with different potuses. The powers that be have ruled most countries since a long, long time ago and these powers own the media. Do you believe the official story on 911?

That could be why he pushed and started Space Force. Another agency outside the inner influence. Problem is to make sure there are no spies in the group.

Jonny Mosquito Strawman at Large
@Patrik S I think Polly is well meaning but somewhat naive, she thinks an elected Billionaire Politician will save us all, she doesn’t realise, the ONLY way to become a billionaire is by being NWO.

Brenda McNeely
Amazing Polly the twins resemble Wilson…just… what jumped out at me when his pic popped up.

d.s. agenda: control the media. infiltrate the political machinery. get the guns away from potential militias. use climate change to secure permanent and significant funding. control targeted, excitable populations. use victimology to stir up discontent, even in the wealthiest places. divide the people into have/have not groups. do whatever is necessary to achieve the final solution. then FAN THE FLAMES! the new (old socialist) agenda will rise from the flames.

The Cock
@TheDaveinga Damn! Couldn’t have said it better.👌🏼

Karen Reaves
@TheDaveinga Project Veritas exposed Communist Bernie’s staff excited about putting us in gulags.

Gary Thompson

Lori Smith
Orwellian times.

Debbie Lizotte
This is such a joke about whistleblower EC. Everyone knows who he is. This is so BIZARRE WORLD-LIKE. Never would have believed it were we not living it.

Rise of The Proles
Ikr? It’s shocking and really hard to believe..I find when I try and tell people about it I sound crazy. That’s their plan and it works. Gaslighting.

Carol Kingsafer

HMS Maximus
@Debbie Lizotte You couldn’t make it up! ….. And the Emperor was wearing clothes…😂

Barbara G.
The Soviets used to couch truth in science fiction novels, everybody became a code-talker; seems it’s our turn to be cryptic.

Ruth Reul
EC will be tried for treason yet

Jim Bond
The last time I was this early, Epstein was Killiaried.

Jake Roberts
James, methinks you might of been a part of that, God and Queen and all that rot

For years I’ve read about the seemingly unrelated crimes and conspiracy theories, thinking, there’s no way they could have gotten so entrenched in our government and other institutions that they could pull something like this off. Thanks to some of your work it’s apparent that it is possible, and is in fact taking place as we sit and watch. It’s definitely a frightening realization, and I’m worried this realization comes too late.

Rose Quartz
Just look up the YouTube channel American thought Leader by Epoch times and Diane West recently did an interview with them and she shows how James Comey and John Brennan are latent communists. It explains a lot and helps you to connect more dots. They are bold

Marisa Ros
Frankists and Sabbateans all these characters….that’s the real secret. Look up Sabbateans it explains a lot.

Jeff Nelson
You could have called this: “An introduction to America’s blue states and who really runs them” Ironically, it’s the Russians, Chinese, Muslim, drug cartels and deep state criminal cabals.

Carl Pat Riot
Did you know Adam shiffs daughter is married to George Soros son?


James Phillips
@Carl Pat Riot I thought Adam liked dudes, supposedly some incriminating photos of him and Ed Buck are about to be released. Who knows anymore.

adam warlock
Not this again. Not unless his wifes parents have two different sets of names.?

adam warlock
@Nese no she’s not. Same name is all. Concentrate your efforts on the standard hotel, should be all over by the 29th If the photo is released.

Jim Con
Vindman “fled” Ukraine so he could come to America and help transform the US into Ukraine. Why “flee” in the first place?

Jaime Fillipi
@Jim Con I was in the army for nine yrs, that boy is a fat ass and I’m surprised he made rank so fast. This video explains it. You don’t see officers looking like a blob that he is. It’s unprofessional.

Vindman was in my unit for a couple of years. Douchebag sums it up for him. Everyone is talking about how much of a shitbag and buddy fucker he was. Always throwing people under the bus. NO ONE liked him.

Val Delaittre
He wasn’t charged because…who was the President at the time!! Remember Epstein..the Corrupt Legal system!!

Chump Johnson
My uncle flew a B17 in WWII. He always used to say “you knew you were near the target when you started getting flak”. The truth draws flak of its own.

tmc che
CIA “Charlie” ra mella. That guy?

Sasha Kruse Grim
Yeah, it’s the only name when mentioned get your posts deleted straight off on several platforms. Better confirmation that we’re on target is hard to imagine.

tmc che I think Shifty Shifffff actually enjoyed the whistle BLOWER… IMHO🤨

Pippi Bernstein
@tmc che everytime she says censorship, instead of taking 🥃, say Ciao Bella! Eric Ciao Bella!

The Cabal is intergenerational and well immersed in SRA practices. Great reporting!

bs detect
WOW, I obviously saw it prior to the take down. IPOT had the same thing w/o a strike for the same WB! Pattern! Excellent job, facts and dig! A week to remember! Have a great day!

bs detect
https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1190001196452462593.html ; you can add the old Leonid Simon Vindman is the “Founder and Managing Partner, Tungsten Capital Advisors” bagman brother with plea deal!!

Justin McClure
I would like to point out the John Brennan’s wife is the representative in New Jersey, for the Jersey ports, the largest in the world. Also, the person who runs the Port Authority and is Mayor of the city that the ports are in went to HIGH SCHOOL with Brennan’s wife. John Brennan has unfettered access and control of all New Jersey ports. A reminder, just across the water is New Yorks Port Authority. Don Giovanni is the title you get, it’s like “King” or “Duke.” Don Giovanni is the Prince of the Vatican, he’s been in power since the late 70’s.

Debra Thomas
Knowing full well that the CIA was behind the assasination of JFK, Martin L King, and many others, maybe it’s time for the CIA to go to HELL where they belong.

Cygnus 67
The world is running by satanic pedophiles. Unfortunately that’s the truth.

Norma Wong
@Cygnus 67 Time to bring back castrations, actually that is what “they” intend to do. Let’s speed the process. Peados get castrated immediately, or death.

Sandra Johnson
@Eric C_I_A ramella. What is so important about this guy that they want his name to be anonymus?

sheeple beware
Of course they are related. They’re all related.

Schlau Urheber
Seeing the Vindman’s in uniform as high ranking officers should make every red-blooded American son refuse to serve in a situational environment that promotes anti-Americanism and subversion. The military has been polluted/corrupted and illegitimized. (edited)

ALL major social media platforms including YouTube are DS Fr33ma$on🇮🇱 CIA operated.

Sienna Skyy
Great video…again! These “people” (Creatures) are extremely stupid. Then again, they never thought “she” would lose. HRC is not human. (edited)

Stroppy Cow
Hi polly ….from the UK …we have just received royal assent to leave the totalitarian corrupt EU ….brexiteers have fought long and hard for our freedom …….finally our struggle is now almost over …..I just had to share this historic moment with you …..the UK 🇬🇧 will,be celebrating next week 31st January 🥂🍾🌟✨

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