200 Firebugs caught in Australia but Government keeping their IDs secret?

Thanks to retired policeman in WA Wayne Glew @GAP for telling us this!

Wayne is in charge of the GAP:

Wayne is an Australian Constitutionalist. ”Stop praying for a Freemason to run this country.’ Video Link

I. Delaney
We ought withdraw from the ‘Paris agreement’, but then, Paris is no longer Paris. David Attenborough is a puppet, a mouth piece of the invisible cabal.

I. Delaney
My comment here is that you like the rest if the MSM are piling on the responsibility and guilt of the weather / fire war on the P.M. He is but the latest installment. This was planned and setup over many years in many political offices by even more ‘puppets’. You also never mentioned DARPA, aka weather manipulation. But then you covered alot as it is. There are more dots to join. Yes the charitable orgs. are often / mostly money laundering agencies – especially the Red Cross. See in particular the commentary of the Premier of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Victoria; don’t send us goods, just send us cash .. !! (edited)

I. Delaney
Scomo is a free mason? This is new. Free masons from what I have seen follow / believe a form of spiritual / ?? religious philosophy or dogma. Sadly most of them are found or reported to be in the end worshipers of satan / daemons, so I see the point of citing Jesus (Yeshua) chasing out the money lenders. I have no inside intel about ‘Scomo’s’ true, or real, loyalty.

Andrew Jones
Thankyou Wayne ! these grubs are up to more games WATER IS THE NEW ENERGY PROJECT .. Their WEBSITE = Climate Global .net, they are into Climate Global Control Trading. Their new Global payment rule by CLIMATE CRON (CON) A NEW CRYPTOCURRENCY..…. Climate CRON – ONLY ONE bILLION WILL BE MADE … Value of Climate CRON is equal to the cost of ONE BARREL OF FRESH WATER !!! Water Resources Management through the CENTRE OF TRADING OF CLIMATE SERVICES ( LOGO IS 666) All of this for Monetization of Global Market of WATER RESOURCES… CLIMATE CRON (CON) -KAZAKHSTAN Commodity Exchange .. they are ready to go … GLOBALISTS SCUM … Thought it might interest you mate. cheers

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