S4S: FIASCO Climate Project – Delivering Electric Stoves To Kenya / EU Border Agency Called FRONTEX

Sanity for Sweden
20 January 2020

Jerzy Gawor
These ‘Border Guards’ will probably all be illegal migrants and they’ll let anybody across any border for a price 😂. And these electric stoves will be powered by ?????. They don’t have mains electricity in villages. Maybe they expect them to be powered using photovoltaic cell technology or large batteries – honestly these people are so removed from reality they may as well be living on another planet – idiots all of them. Have a great week Stefan.

Randal Glyph
These guys know the electric stoves will be useless. But, they also know there is lots of government grant money for anyone that supplies otherwise useless, overpriced products. So, there’s big profits, and the losses are to the public, not the companies. It’s fraud.

What about the “carbon footprint” of getting the stoves delivered ? Absolute rubbish, the whole idea. Veganism is on a big push in Britain atm. Eat less meat so less animals fart and pollute the atmosphere. Hmm, when you eat more veg and more fake meat stuff, it makes you fart more. So all we’re doing is moving from farm animal gases to more human gases !

They can’t even keep the lights on in South African cities where they have a (relatively) modern power grid, courtesy of the White people who built the country ; people they are now murdering and marginalising.  They have the discipline to maintain and build upon complex structures and systems.

jennifer kosco
Jerzey, that was the first thing I thought. Muslims will be the new guards. Sharia law will control the border. What a nightmare

robert brown
Canadian Border Services have been reduced to bellhops under our PM’s policies

Giaus Caesar
[[[They]]] want to control your borders but can’t fix the pot holes in the road.

Plane Drifter
Agenda 21 – [[[they]]] are purposefully not repairing roads – UN want to end privately owned transport as part of the mega-SMART-city plan. UN transport only. You can only travel where [[[they]]] want you to travel and when [[[they]]] want you to travel. The road decay plan is another UN tool on the road to global slavery. In the UK everyday more and more public spaces are being closed/shutdown – places like Pubs and community centers – WHY? – those are places where people gather and TALK TO EACH OTHER – IRL. (that scares/terrifies the UN) (edited)12

Spinning Spin
@Ceaser why did [[[they]]] get the worlds most wooden actor to play Brutus in the film with Heston in it? Twas a woeful deed to do to dear Brutus (edited)

Gary Thornbury
@Plane Drifter the un is starting to go broke just like the eu will when the uk leaves

Gordon Welford
The reason the 4th Reich EU Dictatorships new border guards is to let illegal immigrants in, you’re bang on the money. Why do the Nazis think it’s OK to take control of coutries borders, very sinister!

Plane Drifter
UN CO2 reduction/Starvation = UN plan for a man made genocide/eugenics = No CO2 = Global Famine. Maurice Strong Club of Rome (a baby of the Tavistock mind-control Institute) asked – How can we reduce the population of planet earth to less than 1 billion people by the end of the 21st century ? Maurice Strong Club of Rome – answerWe fabricate a story to terrify the masses so much that they give us consent to carry out our genocidal plan. The Man Made Climate Change Agenda was born/created. UN Agenda 21 [21st century agenda – 100 year plan] Slow CO2 starvation = 100 year plan for a man made Global Famine. Year 2201 – UN/Club of Rome Depopulation plan completed with consent

Plane Drifter
ICE AGE FARMER: AUSTRALIA: BURNED ON THE ALTAR OF GLOBAL WARMING. Over 10 million hectares of Australia have burned, including much crop and ranch land. “The wildfires will get worse, and they will make believers out of you climate deniers!” The establishment is keeping Jerry Brown’s promise, burning over 10 million hectares of Australia, and screaming “Global warming!” … while dealing a massive blow to global food production and the world’s #3 beef exporter. >>

Plane Drifter
Man Made Climate Change/Global Warming. A Tool The Scythian puppet Masters of the UN are using to Starve the Planet. China Can’t Feed Itself — Food Wars Have Begun

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