Hoax of the Century: Michael Rockefeller Has Been Found!

Contrary to the lie spread by the Rockefeller Family, the C.I.A., F.B.I. & the Hearst owned media, Michael Rockefeller was NOT eaten by crocodiles, piranhas nor cannibals while “allegedly” vacationing in New Guinea! The C.I.A. helped Michael Rockefeller fake his death so he could live out his gay lifestyle in anonymity as the Disney Hollywood Actor: Tom Hanks!

Michael Rockefeller aka: Tom Hanks is at least 10+ years older than he appears & claims to be. He uses anti-aging hormone injections a toupee and plastic surgery to look much younger than he really is.

Michael Rockefeller has a hideous, animal/alien looking deformed left ear with no ear lobe, skin tags, growths, lumps, tumors & small bumps or pox on his cheek, probably caused by years of family incest/inbreeding.

Rockefeller aka: Tom Hanks has had years of plastic surgery to correct his hideous looking left ear and bumpy, pock marked skin by his left ear. Hanks is probably deaf in his left ear.

Michael Rockefeller/Tom Hanks, the gig is up.

You hid the truth for more than 50 years! Good con job. It’s ok if you are gay and older than you really are. No one cares other than your father. It’s time for you to announce to the world that you are really Michael Rockefeller.

You have nothing to lose by admitting your true identity and all to gain! 12/22/12 Attention F.B.I., C.I.A., Hollywood Tabloids & Rockefeller Family: I, Erik Orion am the first person to reveal the secret identity of the “alleged” lost heir, Michael Rockefeller as the Hollywood actor: Tom Hanks!

If there is still an outstanding reward for locating the lost heir to the Rockefeller Fortune; Michael Rockefeller, I am the one who deserves to receive it! The Rockefeller Family filed a false missing persons report and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars by having the US Navy and Coast Guard search for Michael Rockefeller in 1961, when they in fact faked his death to fraudulently collect his billion dollar life insurance policy from Lloyds of London!


Thanks to TRU Reporting – Beyond the Headlines for the tip-off.

Why did Tom Hanks Tweet very strangely this ” red “ Handkerchief to his followers on Twitter?

So here’s where I’m at with all of this: Tom Hanks has a few inexcusable appearances on television (kimmel, SNL) and then Isaac comes out. All the while Hanks shares dark captions on otherwise meaningless photos on Twitter. Then when Isaac dies, Hanks happens to make a peculiar post on (or near) the Highway 66 Kappy had passed on (or near). Needless to say, Tom Hanks is not to be trusted around women and children. Tom Hanks actions are really creepy regardless of the allegations, because once again, they are inexcusable. Not to mention, he must already be a pretty bad parent given the state of his son, this guy doesn’t even seem like an active parent. Never once in my life did I associate Tom Hanks with being a Family man with a big loving family. Not everyone is blessed enough to have or create a loving family, but it does seem weird that such a piece of family entertainment (woody from toy story) is a confirmed failed father. “Let’s have him play Mr. Rodgers!” – Now that’s what I call mockery. Take something pure and taint it with someone else’s face and name, but really, Hollywood is just further perpetuating the “Mr.Niceman” image of Tom Hanks into the minds of the same generation of children that watched Toy story. These all can’t be coincidences. It’s all circumstantially evident,

Tom is a creepo. (edited)

Thomas Tedder
It’s looking more like kappy and eppy are with Federal Marshals… I hope so for kappy and if ep is with them, I hope they get as much info to bring down this house of cards. Do more research ….. Some witnesses say it wasn’t kappy who fell. Hmmm, the travel camper looks familiar from a vid I saw yesterday. One like it was parked at a motel/ hotel just 1/4 mile from bridge. Makes one wonder. The Satanists here, have been here from the start of the country. Prophecy has to be fulfilled. We the Elect who follow Yahshua will be persecuted and killed but it will not be our end but the start of forever. Hang in their all who have faith in our Heavenly Father YHWH and our Redeemer/Saviour Yahshua. Hang in there till evil has once and for all come to an end. And, only then will we know what Our Heavenly Father and our King of Kings has planned for us- at least we know peace and Love will be in abundance.

Michael Eivaz
The Kappy incident was on May 13th. They reported it on the 14th.

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