Ghislaine Maxwell hosted a tea party in her underwear & fanned herself with a copy of Vogue Magazine – As one does.

Tea parties with Ghislaine Maxwell sound like something to avoid. Writer Christina Oxenberg recalls one when Jeffrey Epstein’s friend greeted guests wearing nothing more than her underwear.

‘She was wearing very pretty, white frilly things,’ Christina tells me.

‘She was also wearing a lot of jewellery, gold things and probably diamonds.

‘It was hot and she kept fanning herself with a copy of Vogue. There were three other woman there who were very well dressed.’

Chunkebuh, HeartofAmerics, United States,
Anyone who does not understand Epstein was an asset, fails to realize anyone who cavorts with Royally and current and former Heads of State is controlled. 567 million dollars, private Islands and sweetheart deals from Prosecutors are not mutually exclusive. This will be, shall we say, managed.,

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