Manchester Abuse Scandal Whistleblower: ”Things have not changed”

15 January 2020

Chief coverer-up for the elite Alison Saunders knighted & Mel Shaw still locked up? Wasn’t Saunders implicated in the spying against Trump saga as well? Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose avec les Globalists..

We’re living in a society created by psychopaths. They enjoy domination, torture, destruction and killing, because they can not feel emotions as we do. Their brain is damaged, born like this (frontal cortex and amygdala not connected). Imagine a being who can not feel nothing: no joy, fear, pleasure, love etc. No connection to nature. You can say that they have no soul, no conscience, they feel dead inside. Thus they feel anger to all living beings and nature. In a healthy society these people are ostracised, but in our history they gained power (through violence and intimidation), and they are about to destroy humanity and all creation.

GW: Or as Jean Jacques Rousseau observed – The righteous individual doesn’t need robes, medals & sashes. He/She can stand in his/Her righteousness alone.  The more regalia that is worn – The more there is being hidden.

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