Europhobia & The Destruction of Edom (Adam Green)
Mixed Pickles

[MIRROR] from Know More News / Adam Green
Streamed live on Dec 11, 2019
Know More News with Adam Green

Category: Kalergi Plan,Supremacism,Zionism
Date: 2019-12-14

I think Adam has missed the point that the so called “Jews” are themselves Edom. Herod was in the line of Antipater who was Idumean Convert so Edom had already usurped Israel since before the time of Christ (Maccabees) and the rise of Rome that conquered Greece.

Are the Jesuits scapegoating the Jews; or are the Jews scapegoating the Jesuits?

Uncle Alice
If adam can ever get past his utter hatred for them he would be seeing the bigger picture. They ARE this way on purpose. They will get it straight by the Rod when time comes. For now they are playing a role in a very grand process. He does good work on noahide which most don’t have a clue but they WILL very soon it appears. This is really the end game for these people. Worship under a false messiah. This to will be corrected. TY for video/mirror

I’m helping an ashkenazi move his entire house full of CRAP to an apartment right now….he’s a nice guy, but his house stinks like DEATH😷

Kinda strange how white so many of these so-called “Jews” look. What I wouldn’t bet that nearly all of them have Ashkenazi markers in their DNA. Bait and switch – the God of the Hebrews for secular Zionism. They set the whole thing up, blame it on God, then have their own god step in to rule. Israel, the Ivory Tower of Rome.

Austin Texas
Yes, they are not genuine Semites.

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