Unhinged CEO of Maple Leaf Foods Goes on Twitter Rampage Against PRESIDENT TRUMP After Iran Shoots Down Ukrainian Plane

Michael H. McCain is chief executive officer of Maple Leaf Foods, one of Canada’s flagship food companies, with sales of $3.3 billion and employing over 12,500 people in Canada and the United States.

On Sunday Maple Leaf Foods CEO Michael McCain took to Twitter and blamed President Trump for the Iranian missile attack on the Ukrainian plane.

Unhinged CEO of Maple Leaf Foods Goes on Twitter Rampage Against PRESIDENT TRUMP After Iran Shoots Down Ukrainian Plane

TRUMP 2020 R.P. McMurphy •
I looked at their web site. It’s very obvious he’s a leftist. Environmentalist to the core through and through. They even have a brand of Halal meats (Muslim). Only one brand I recognized and that was “Field Roast” which are fresh veg burgers, etc. I have purchased them before and they are very good, but won’t any longer!

Heilbroner BigWhite •
“Halal” is just Mohamed’s copying of the Jews’ kosher.
Can’t eat pork either.
Cognition stopped somewhere between Neanderthal and Byzantine.

Lori TRUMP 2020 • 
Seems these types are proclaimed environmentalists only when it suits their pocketbook.

Upstater •
The McCain family, who are billionaires, is one of the wealthiest in Canada…this guy is CEO but he inherited the business from his family, so his grasp on reality is likely very limited…

PS • 
Next CEO to leave?? Over 1300 CEOs that have left their position since Trump was elected….During the Most Prosperous times in American history….thinking Logically…these CEOs are as Corrupt as our Politicians!

MCview R.P. McMurphy • edited
Amazing that people who get a little success and money, or fame suddenly become afflicted with an over-surge of ego and feel their opinion is worthy to all of society. Or, they are capable of being the president, the leader of all. This guy, along with the Hollywierds, the current democrat candidates, John Kerry, and the Obamas are prime examples.

wileyvet TitusPullo •
I’m Canadian. I too will now boycott Maple Leaf Foods and McCain Food products as well. I don’t need their bacon, weiners or potato products.

GW: That McCain Oven Chips by any chance?

Doug Kenny • 
This, in a nutshell, is why I hate Idealists. Their happy talk becomes bitter when proven wrong.  Right now, there’s a revolution happening in Iran and America.

Hey Mikey. Maybe you need to blame the morons that could only shoot down a plane that took off from their OWN AIRPORT!!! Afraid if you blame the muslims your store will be bombed? Maybe PM Justine can offer you his shoulder to cry on. During World War 2, Canada sent thousands to fight on the land, sea, and air. By the end of the war, the Canadians had the 4th largest air force in the world. Now look at them. It’s just sad.

RepoUSA •
What the hell are 63 Canadiens doing in Iran? Who the hell takes their kids there? You travel to a nation that openly and frequently admits to being at war with the United States? Did they think about leaving after Salami was killed in response to an Iranian backed attack on our embassy?

seismic RepoUSA •
“Canadians” named Muhammed, Ashkan, Sardar and so on.

seismic John  • edited
The Lefty mind works on herding mentality (like fish in the ocean) and peer pressure. This guy is just reciting the politically correct narrative of the Canadian herd and augmenting it with his own (false) opinion to help justify it in his mind. If you’ve been to Canada you know what I mean.

unbelievable! • 
Hmmmm…. wonder who his “colleague” was, and what they were up to over there. Makes one suspicious of the ingredients in MLF foods too… some weird, bad things going on with foods these days…

GW: Killer question.  What was the ”colleague” doing in Iran?

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