To find out who is actually ”Sovereign” one needs to see what happens when Parliament is dissolved

Royal Family, Robin Chat on Radio podcast and Iran (USA Flag Respected)

Daddy Dragon
14 January 2020

Christine Knight
We need to down size our Lords, especially those who Are fully fledged Nazi Bilderberger EU CABAL NWO Foreign Entity Members. Total outright treason. They need draining of that swamp, and true ENGLISH Patriots placed as our Lords, there are far too many traitors in there. (edited)

CO2 isVital to all plants and they need more of it not less! It comprises less than 0.0038 percent of the total of Earths gases.

Climate change is part of the Globalist Agenda 21/ 2030 whose aim is to reduce the worlds population by killing every 13 out of 14 people. They say that people are breathing too much oxygen and breathing out too much carbon dioxide. The trouble with that is that it is all a load of bollox!

With less CO2 The Earth becomes colder not warmer. One Volcano erupting sends out more CO2 than the whole of Humanity in one Year!

The Queen sold us out and the Harry and Megan debacle is just a distraction. Designed to deflect the attention from Andrew. So how can you feel sorry for her?

Roshea Heather

It is the Heaviest of Earths Gases and stays close to the earth in order to warm the earth and aid the plants in growth.

Bing Bong
The cottage is called Frogmore, for a cottage it is massive

Clayton Wiffen
The only thing Europe will gain from war with Iran will be another massive wave of refugees. Sick of these NeoCon Wars that never never end. Trump ran on a anti war ticket but has been “captured”. America First was ANTI WAR.

Christine Knight
When is president Trump going to start to implement those indictments and start arresting them, prosecuting them.

Phil Will Q
I keep thinking why.. I think they are trying to keep us controlled. WATCH NAUGHTY BEAVER ON UTUBE… JESUS BIRTHDAY REVEALED a red pill vid

Lawrence Dwyer
Especially Pe-do Randy Andy. Trial by the people is not far wrong when it comes justice we are not mugs when it comes to the elites Trying to cover wrong doing. The firm should not and cannot seem to be above the law. After the trail of Andrew the deviant following in order Blair the smiling assassin, Reasons May after that England will know the rest. If those don’t want to stand trail get out of the country no one will stop them.The trouble the elites What England Has to offer.

Stuart Crossland
When Harry places his hand inside his jacket that is a a masonic code for “i am a mason” Look out for the triangle made by placing thumbs and forefingers together.

Hope Unbroken
Please Stop the Wildfires in Australia !! 🙌🙏🙌🕊️⚖️🛡️⚖️🕊️🙌🙏

Stuart Crossland
You have to ask who started them and why. Canada, California, Brazil and now Australia. These fires are started by people. (edited)

Liz Hunt
@Stuart Crossland and also by drones /DEW – see max Egan TheCrowHouse who has done a series of videos – one of them talks about drones and dews.

Denis Hannah
DD have you watched highimpactvlogs ”We REALLY Needto Talk About THIS “Death to America” Thing?”


patrick mcguinness
She has joined the firm, live by the rules or get ostracised, she has brainwashed Harry but he will realise it soon

Cath Hall
It will be too late when he does, as we have sussed Him!

John Smythe
When the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have gone! Hopefully that will be the End of Royalty.

Raphael Perry
I think Harry and Meghan would do well to familiarise themselves with the history of King Edward 7th and mrs Wallis Simpson. Then imagine a much less pleasant version of it (without the titles). (edited)

Lawrence Dwyer
Look what happen to them, will the same fate bestow H&M try running with that Brand when they become debunked. H “Pass the Gravy love ” M “Seems to have run-out Your Royal Highness.” (edited)

John Smythe
Probably the Cottage has massive underground tunnels with secret safety rooms and direct line to the SAS, and Santa Claus. 🙂

Liz Hunt
yes – Boris has royal blood and he’s higher up the royalty tree than the Queen

mike rolton
Excellent DD, you are onto them now, As people gain power they are entitled to make any law they like, Hence the Royals, the fact that its a traditional rule, is not valid.

incorrigible delinquent
There has never been a proclamation date for any of these acts and statutes either.

John Smythe
Carbon Credit is = Taxation con.

Stuart Crossland
RT taking the piss out of Greta Thunberg this morning. They know climate change is an agenda.

Joyce Woolley
I have just watched JFK to 911 – Everything is a rich man’s trick by Alexander Avella111. Whether even P Trump can fight this and come out the other end still alive is very worrying. Great shows DD and sorry about the job loss. Maybe will bump into you one day in a local shop.

The Model Railway Men
XR should glue themselves to volcanos in protest.

phil wrigley
That tickled my pickle, nice one M.R.M……!!!!!

Paul Hunt
Neither Harry nor William are sons of Charley boy, hence NOT grandsons of Lizzy Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Their mum, Diana, was killed coz she didn’t get on at all well with Charley & family. Her two sons have different fathers, NOT Charley boy. See their features. Lizzy & her ancestors are German, NOT English or British or Celtic. English people are descendants of Angles, Saxons, Vikings, earlier Celtic inhabitants of the British Isles & other people who migrated to England. So “England” is a land-based cultural mindset rather than an ethnic race. And it was subsumed into the United Kingdom taking away all rights from anyone identifying as English! English people need to stand up for a New Magna Carta Bill of Rights constitution for freedom-loving citizens, all sovereigns in their God-given right to life & habeas corpus. (edited)

Kay Tee
Keto DD. High good fat (like butter olive oil and coconut oil) low sugars and carbohydrates and some period of every day when you don’t eat anything (slowly increase this period). Works wonders. Don’t fall for the so called high cholesterol scam. High good fats and low sugar is good.

Climate Change is only for the cows however, Hollywood seems to have more hot air & flatulence coming from their filthy language from both ends. FREE THE COWS OF HUMAN GUILT 🐮🐂🐃🐮🐃🐂🐮🐮🐮🐮

Bell Rankin

Lawrence Dwyer
When the Queen dies do you think the English/British people should have a vote whether to retain the MONARCHY (ATROCITIES) or become a Republic or carry on the tradition of milking the golden pot and let them keep taking the subjects For MUG’s? love to hear peoples views on this….. given we could do so much more with our money Priority to out pensioners and veterans first.

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