SPEAK Project: KIMS & Pelosi Impeachment Intel Update

SPEAK Project
31 December 2019

SHARE THIS LAWFUL AMERICA TAKING ACTION VOTING ON THE PEOPLES GRIEVANCES TODAY https://www.lawfulamerica.com To ensure the integrity of the Republic is maintained regardless of the obstacles that face the country or the people, it is necessary for the people to diligently investigate and enforce constitutional law. If governmental powers are allowed to grow without oversight and participation from the governed, they can become corrupted by the influence of foreign agents, internal conspiracy, and compartmentalized ignorance perpetuated by secrets and misinformation. We strive to ensure the protection of the unalienable rights guaranteed to the American People by the u.S. Constitution. ​

To participate in the protection of your freedom, we invite you to examine the evidence supporting the People’s claims of Contractual Violations of the State and Federal Governments in violating their oath of office to uphold the Constitution. The most egregious violations are being made by the civil court system of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED.

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Andrew JC
This is how things are done!….bye bye Pelosi. Looks like K.I.M.S caught you red handed. Foolish fools LMAO. Much love and respect to Tank Lisa Dan Thomas and Kim plus their teams for ALL THE BREAKTHROUGH WORK.

Liz Murray
This quantum money system is going to free us all! Thank you for the commitment to right the wrongs of the previous trustees!

@Liz Murray I don’t think it will be money system as we know it. I think we are moving towards cryptocurrency and the blockchain in general. Is it going to based in gold and silver? Time will tell.

susan andrews
No it won’t, it’s a Global NWO system.

Angel of Hope
😂😂😂😂 such bullshit. Nothing is true

Jeffrey Barkley
I see shizz changing…I would really love seeing this becoming a reality and the elitist being dealt with in a truly justified manner...these bastards have lived off of ”regular” people’s lives way too long!

Liz Murray
@Angel of Hope perhaps you need a new user name…

Angel of Hope
@Liz Murray no ❤ i’m involved with the RV …good luck to you

Liz Murray
@Nunya Bidness I know all about the universal council. I have zero problems with that.

@susan andrews The NWO is in it’s last stage of death throes.

If this is all said and done, wtf are they waiting for?? Why not yet revealed to public???

susan andrews
@D W no it’s not, it’s just beginning.

Roseann D
We can’t truly trust banks since the bail ins in the OBR how on earth can we trust Crypto in the ether? Banks by law can keep any part of your money in their possession …bank accounts checking accounts even safety deposit boxes ..good luck to you don’t you remember the guy who had millions in bitcoin then he went overseas and supposedly died now all those people are shit out of luck.

@Angel of Hope I’ve been tracking and waiting on this RV thing since 2009. I now see the event coming that will trigger it. Hope my XRP goes well in advance so I can load up on what the RV will cause to go up too.😉

@ShawxRP all in due time. This is a process not an event. Don’t want to screw it up.

@Roseann D that’s tough on those people. They should have had their BTC in their possession on cold storage.

@gljay ok, why everyone keep saying RV? WHY YOU NEED TO ABBREVIATE AND NOT TELL US WHAT RV IS?? WHAT IS RV??

Robin Morrow
Global Currency Reset & Revaluation! GCR/RV, it’s abbreviated bcz it’s so long. And, unless you are new to this most in these circles use abbreviated form. Hope this helps!

Your Average Gurl
Awesome Tank! Freedom is not free We the people 💞

Seth Nasi
QFS was implimenented August 22nd it was signified bye a symbolic flight with 4 stealth f 35 raptors 4 red arrows from the UK 4 Thunderbirds and 4 blue angles which flew south down the Hudson River at the crack of wallstreet opening up . Enter the QFS.. 😁😁😁

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