Sex abuse victim claims Asian grooming gangs are going unreported because ‘wives are scared of their OWN husbands’

Bobby Singh, abused by a Pakistani family friend as a child, says the women “know full well what their husbands are doing” but are terrified of reporting it for fear of deportation.

She revealed: “They are scared of them, they have a life here – the majority of them are from Pakistan, they’ll say ‘we’ll send you back’”.

“It’s their mentality, the Asian mentality – and that will never ever change – which is to keep quiet, which is if you know ‘whatever is heard or said in this house stays in this house, gets brushed under the carpet – you shut the door and forget about it’, that’s it.”

Bobby, a Hindu, said she is still seen as the “black sheep” of the family after running away from home.

She fled after years of abuse by Sayeed Shah – the family friend who groomed her with Care Bears and sweets.

GW: How is the poor girl a black sheep? She was only 4 years old when it started. She eventually ran away. He family should hang their head for not protecting her!

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