ChukIt UpyaJumper humiliation: MP loses out on huge redundancy sum after changing constituency

The former Labour MP for Streatham, south London, lost out on £33,500 in redundancy fees, £30,000 of which was tax-free, after defecting to the Liberal Democrats and switching to the Cities of London and Westminster seat – only to lose out to the Conservatives.

GW: Lost UKPDS 33,500 in redundancy money – thought Chukit was supposed to be some sort of clever clogs – future leader of Labour – the next Obummer wasn’t he?  Btw Chukit nice set of horns  you’re sporting in the picture above – or is it just the lighting? Halloween is an awful long way off you know.  Prompts one to ask the question – Who’s him REAL Daddy?  And that weird club he frequented with snake/lizard skin seats & so forth?  What snort of drinks? – Well one can imagine.  The thing is Chukit you are now pushing 42 & in another say 30 years your meat suit will be pushing the daisies. You need to ask yourself where your soul will be residing mate.  What a NWO-Globalist-MegaHomey-Fag you turned out to be.

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