TAP: Extinction Rebellion is a dark Satanic cult

Sat 28 Dec 2019
posted by Tapestry

5g awareness
27 December 2019

For more info on the Truth About Extinction Rebellion, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=536qN22jxak

Extinction Rebellion is a death cult. It promotes fear, death, scarcity, and loss. It is not a movement that empowers people and instead is a movement that wants to destroy all life on this planet. It was founded by Gail Bradbrook whose ex husband set up a charity which supports the roll out of 5G. Extinction Rebellion is funded by companies promoting 5G as well as big banks and George Soros. Its 3 demands show it not to be a grassroots movement.

Extinction Rebellion is a dark Satanic cult

GW: XR with their love of blood puddles & writing messages in blood would fit right on in at Illuminati witch Marina Abramović ‘s parties & dressing in ritual red – right out of Eyes Wide Shut.  Shudder.  None of (((THEM))) would find any solace here at ”Watch Under the Willows.”  We keep large amounts of raw garlic, wooden crosses & beeswax candles on hand in order to repel such a demonic invasion.

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