9 12 2019 Proof 1.29 watch & IG report 1.29 lol

Daddy Dragon
9 December 2019

Denny P
How can the council in Kent be allowed to do this, the Magna Carter it isn’t theirs to sell. (edited)

Hilder Mop
The establishment and judiciary are totally corrupt. Also if you comment about what the globalists have in store for the people of the world they stop your comments getting through. (Kalergi Plan, EU, Globalists etcetera.) Those behind the paid puppets in the EU do not want the people of the world knowing the evil plan they have got in store for them. Graham I have found out today that if you type in certain words pertaining to their plan – they are immediately deleted. (((They))) want the people totally in the dark. Tyranny faces everyone. (edited)

Hilder Mop
Tyranny. New world order, Barbara Lerner Spectre.

Patrick Yeates
You got to see through the veil of political correctness mate. I’d love to move to America to get away from this totalarian government. All of our mainstream parties are infected with political correctness and lies. Nigel is a two-faced lying hypocrite. He destroyed UKIP. I ca’t be asked to vote because of their lies. Same bunch of conservatives going back in so what’s the point apart from voting in new blood from the normal independant public who stand as they may not be infected. I only trust the English Democrats

Crap Head
Teachers at an ‘inadequate’ academy in Bexleyheath are ditching the classroom today to strike over proposed job cuts. Bexleyheath Academy has endured a difficult 2019 after being criticised by inspectors who demanded that drastic improvements needed to be made. Teachers, teaching assistants and other workers are striking today in opposition to a plan to axe 27 staff members. The secondary school is managed by Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) who reportedly want to reduce 13 teaching assistants to just four. It is feared that disabled students will not have the support they need if the sackings are implemented.

Have you seen War Castles?

War Castles N W O

18 August 2019

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