UK Column News 9 December 2019

Grey Chip
Boris has no intention of taking us out of the EUSSR Ponzi scheme. If he was serious about leaving he’d NEVER of been given the PM job. He got the job to stop voters leaving the tories and get them back, May crippled the party and Boris was the only person able to stop the rot. He’s managed to get people thinking that it’s his backbenchers stopping him from taking us out and that he’s tried his hardest. Nothing but a ruse to blag the public, he’s saying what leavers want to hear and nothing more. The leave date has been put back, over his dead body wasn’t it? Farage is also helping with his fake nationalism roping the patriotic working class under his wing so if we don’t vote labour or Tory we can cause no bother to them while they create the EUSSR Ponzi scheme behind our backs. We’ll be allowed to know after we can’t get out anymore, Boris is taking us deeper into the EUSSR empire behind our backs and said nothing, so has farage. He’s giving it the big-un with nationalism going around working class areas getting us all wound up so we vote Nige a fellow patriot, (HE’S NOT) and it’s like we’ve voted labour and Tory again, our votes are useless but they have control of them which means they can carry on uninterrupted destroying our country. That’s what Nige is doing.

Chunky Buster
Too right, l was a big Brexit party supporter, done the rallies, delivered the leaflets, got the T-shirt bla bla. Then Farage says oh you can’t vote for us in 317 constituencies, please vote Conservative instead! No f ing chance! Then we find out that some of his backers and MEPs are backing the Tories? So where l vote (Dartford) l have only got Cons,Lab,Lib dems, Green! All pro EU parties. Yeah Boris is well in with Brussels , all that back slapping from his ‘mates’ !

Grey Chip
@Chunky Buster farage using fake nationalism to rope in working class patriot’s, acts as though he’ll fight our corner like we would given the chance to. He gets the chance and doesn’t do it, it’s ALWAYS next time. Heard what he’s said? He’s really going to shake things up after the election, so it’s next time AGAIN. He’s helping them keep it a 2 party system, if we don’t vote for them they don’t need to worry about us. So UKIP had to go, that’s the only reason he came back. He’s a globalist so how can he be a nationalist? He’s a Trojan horse, I wised up to him a bit back now. Just watch what he says to what he does.

geof holmes
Sport is huge nowadays. Worldwide via satellites and the touch of a button.

Pippa pig
Why pay 2% to nato, when it’s cheaper to say to them. If you need our help and we agree, we will lend you our armed forces.

Rubin Schmidt
Lockheed Martin sets up drone launch site in Sutherland. Marillyn Hewson (Lockheed Martin) has her way, we will have drones and police to watch  our every move. WHY ISN’T IT TOP OF YOUR LIST ? How do you think Israel will govern the world from Jerusalem. ??

11:00 mins. in.
Benjamin Netanyahu’s Plan to Rule the World !11.

David Lowe
@Pippa pig Because that’s what NATO is, except it’s guaranteed and reciprocal.

Ben Grey
…Article 5… passport to the WW3-OWG-NWO.

Pippa pig
@Rubin Schmidt the world will be ruled from the Vatican and it’ll be the black pope who will be the top of the pyramid.

Pippa pig
@David Lowe if we end up with an EU military union. Then we won’t need nato ?

David Lowe
@Pippa pig That sounds like a bad idea to me. It sounds like NATO but with its balls cut off because it won’t include Canada, Norway or the USA. And, we’ll have less influence over its decisions.

Pippa pig
@David Lowe thing is, do we really have any enemies that’s a great threat to us. Other than America itself. If we don’t intervene in any other countries, then they won’t intervene with us. (edited)

David Lowe
@Pippa pig Well, follow that reductionist argument to its natural conclusion then to see its absurdity. Why bother being a member of any military or political body? Have a think about what has happened to countries that decided taking a brave lone stand was a good idea, such as Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, North Korea & Iran.

Pippa pig
@David Lowe the countries you mentioned, Libya, Iran, Iraq and North Korea, I don’t know about Afghanistan are the countries they called “axis of evil”. They’re the ones that didn’t buy Into the IMF or worldwide Bank. As we have, that should keep the jewboys off our back

Tim Webb
Why is the lovely Patrick starting to look more and more like Alex Salmond? He’s not going all SNP on us, is he?

Andy Richards
Our Political System is under attack to usher in a new system..!! But to be fair it’s only a diversion for the masses as the Permanent Senior Civil Service covertly runs the Country for The benefit of the Ruling Classes. A two tiered system one for Us (The Plebs) and one of the Ruling Elite..guess which one works and which doesn’t..??!

Stan Iredale
A plan of action, to end redaction, a planned extraction of the Tory faction – a counter action for dissatisfaction is to blast the Tories to a decimal fraction.

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