WotW: State Actors – Lying For A Living

Windows on the World

See background details at WotW.net:

The facts of the matter are the only antidote to a stream of lies.

The insertion of half truths to pacify those who consider themselves to be cynical of the party line makes this group of waiverers easy to manipulate. The term “limited hangout” describes a gate keeping organisation which absorbs the energy of those who may be questioning an official narrative but are still being manipulated. This type of operation is run by gatekeepers who maintain strict limitations on the topics debated and introduce distraction issues.These types of groups also get the participants arguing amongst each other over issues of mainly no importance. This method has been very successful with gatekeeping and directing the 9 11 “truth” debate.

Over the years I have seen these gatekeepers come and go. The main point here is that once you compromise something which is true and allow other points of view to come in and manipulate the outcome, which is what in effect happens to every group, especially those which might have some effect. In this situation you may as well be telling all lies as any misinformation outside what is absolutely true poisons the well completely. Whether it is those who spout a bit about common law and birth certificates and then miss the point entirely in court cases or those who get on the bandwagon of a cause and somehow think that the state will allow what they are doing to continue without interference.

These types have one thing in common, they always fail.


The idea that the public could now demand a real citizens assembly is an idea which is unincorporated and has no leader. It is a lobbying tool which if used effectively could be a lot of fun and pull the rug from the subversives controlling the public.

When setting up a group – Use the WotW Mission Statement:

Thus setting up a real Citizens Assembly rather than the fake ones used by tptwtb.  The real one – as Windows says – could be a very effective pressure tool.

State Actors – Lying for a Living

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