UKPDS 100,000 compo for bi-polar Iranian immigrant held in detention centre without ”appropriate treatment” yet no such niceties for our own citizens Lyn Thyer or Mel Shaw when & if they ever see the light of day again I bet!

GW: Folk such as ”AKE” come here illegally & yet get the full force of UK law protecting their rights.  Meanwhile legal citizens get made homeless or get banged up in foreign prisons or Mental Health Units or threatened in some other way.  Privately educated Amy Dalla-Mura, who also speaks 3 languages btw, is said by the establishment to be ”mentally unstable.”  I’d say Amy is as solid as a rock compared to Mr Bi-Polar ”AKE ”.  That UKPDS would have been better spent on Amy’s Election Campaign for English Democrats rather than on someone who has illegally come here ill & will now probably be a burden on our state for the term of his natural life.  Individuals such as Mr AKE certainly have a larger than average dose of ”over-entitlement” that’s for sure.

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