Friday, 6 December 2019


steve 6 December 2019
a transmission from a Rothchild controlled, puppet, not to say they all are not, politics is a Rothschild controlled paradigm, tip toe through the tulips dear sheeple

Brabantian 7 December 2019
Media Lens on ‘The Conspiracy to Stop Corbyn’, documenting ridiculous suggestions Corbyn’s alleged ‘hate for Jews’ involves re-opening a version of ‘Auschwitz gas chambers’

My guess is that Labour actually gets a small bump from the absurdity of the lobbying campaign by some of the Zionist groups against Corbyn

But I think BoJo and the Tories will have the win, because UK people want Brexit, and because of Boris’ promise to put in an ‘Australian-style immigration restriction system’

Boris slyly hinting he might repeat how Australia shut down nearly all the migrant boat arrivals with the draconian measures they took a few years back … like Trump’s ‘Build the wall!’, Thatcher’s unfulfilled promises re immigration, etc

The UK City of London pro-Brexit faction, has I think won the argument inside Britain’s elites … they are eager to welcome Continental bank deposit flows, shortly at hand from the upcoming EU currency & banking crisis

Which seems ready to roll, with the disastrous, tainted Christine Lagarde, put in charge of the European Central Bank, just after helping to economically ruin Argentina in her previous job … Lagarde a lawyer, not an economist, with scandal in her past, was selected perhaps to be the target of blame when things go sour … In her first talk as EU bank head, she was visibly awkward, as if Lagarde doesn’t really understand what’s going on

But Lagarde said she would try to use the bank to address the ‘climate change crisis’ lol

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