Adam Green and Ryan Dawson Break Down Sacha B Cohen Double Speak
Date: 2019-11-25

Bwinwright 6 days ago
Sasha Baron Cohen is a perfect example of the type of FAKE JEW that everyone hates. You see, Sasha Baron Cohen (SBC) is not a real Jew, a person who loves God, a person who meditates. No, SBC is a FAKE JEW, a person who does not love God, a person who will do virtually anything for material gain. Folks like SBC work for the George Soros types who serve The Empire of The City States. The FAKE JEWS, along with ANTI-SEMITISM, were created, intentionally, by The Empire to serve The Empire’s Criminal Agenda. Disgraceful people like SBC will reincarnate in the form of a Dr. Stephen Hawking, or worse. Folks like SBC honestly don’t believe in ANY God, other than money and material things. SBC will meet up to the Karma he is creating now and it will be UGLY, although perfectly fair. Nobody gets away with anything. The Universe is perfectly fair and we all get exactly what we both need and deserve. SBC’s next few incarnations will be very difficult for him, indeed.

GW: SBC looks very Ashkenazi to me.

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