Cap ON/OFF was signal for Action – Lanyards of Act-Whores visible again & London Bridge Knife Zombie Refuses to Die
Date: 2019-12-01

yoshka123 5 hours ago
joint-warrior-pow and the MD of the Fishnongers Hall is part of the elite. Commodore Toby Williamson. Very handy!

Tommy 19 hours ago
The bastards edited the cap on and off out.

daytripper 19 hours ago
The guy running towards the camera holding the knife in his right hand, does anybody notice the hands look fake? or not moving while holding the knife? seems weird to me?

gocatss50 9 hours ago
The whole thing is Sketchy. All we get is Grainy Garbage, I wouldn’t doubt that most of it is bad CGI. My old Flip Phone from 15 years ago can take better footage.

Tommy 19 hours ago
Why no Blood! When we think of Dracula we often think of Transylvania ! More fake History. It was London.

Tommy 19 hours ago
Watch the video below. The guy in the long coat and cap. Time 0.23. Cap off . Cap on. And action

yoshka123 19 hours ago
Agreed. Planned from the start. Did anybody else think before details were released of the ’two murdered victims’ that they would be young white, well educate middle class pillars of the community?

Jeffersonian Girl 20 hours ago
The gun wasn’t even aimed at him! It was a good foot or two above him! This was just as bad as the Woolwich fake knife attack

Sophocles 6 hours ago
Anti-terrorism police weapons protocol is first to aim for the head, pause three seconds, and if the head-shot misses, aim for the heart. This is what they did when they (over) killed Jean Charles de Menezes in Stockwell tube station in 2005 – 13 shots spread over 35 seconds with eight to the head and three ’misses’ to the shoulder. The technique was learned from the Israel’s Tzahal and was employed in that allegedly botched operation also overseen by Cressida Dick, current head of the London Met.! Khan surviving those two shots is a killing joke! Definitely flash-bang empty rounds!

Hsaive 19 hours ago
It sounded like it could have been a shotgun FLASH-BANG –

daytripper 19 hours ago
The guy running towards the camera holding the knife in his right hand, does anybody notice the hands look fake? or not moving while holding the knife? seems weird to me?

gocatss50 22 hours ago
Also at your 2:18 Mark, he is shot and Laying down right at the start of the Railing against the Wall. At 1:08, he is now at least 6 feet over to the Left at the 3rd post on the Railing. JEWRassic Liars video shows his Shadow in the Fire Extinguisher BEFORE he actually falls down. Furthermore, if you have ever had to Spray an Extinguisher, the Powder goes EVERYWHERE. The guy that is supposedly shot is wearing a Black or Dark Coat, he would be COVERED in White Extinguisher Residue.

gocatss50 9 hours ago
Urkrakin Phil well whatever, you know what I mean, yellow/white, point is, it goes everywhere. My Bad if it is supposed to be just Water. Regardless, this is a bad Hoax.

Urkrakin Phil 10 hours ago
Nice try but you are referring to a CO2 extinguisher which does make a yellow/white powdery mess however this appears to be a H2O extinguisher which is nothing but water.

gocatss50 22 hours ago
That is NOT a Fire Extinguisher Spray. That Shit goes EVERYWHERE and leaves a White Powder over EVERYTHING, I MEAN EVERYTHING ! that stuff sucks, there would be White shit all over that guy’s BLACK COAT !!! 1,000,000% HOAX Absolutely NO QUESTION. Funny how the Report-WHORE says that the Person Recording this at the time was Laughing because it seemed so Absurd 😉 Did Elon Musk write this Script ???

Almost_Out_of_Time 23 hours ago
You always hear newscasters throw in an ounce of truth in their dialogue. In this case when he says person shooting vid is ’laughing bc it seemed so absurd’..because it was!! Sometimes you will hear crisis actors use the same line of “it didn’t feel real” or “it felt like a movie” because in most cases that is all it is.

yoshka123 23 hours ago
…and they’ve asked that his identity should be pixellated……..

Hsaive 22 hours ago
Request to pixellate is to add drama of censorship…Too late anyhow since MSM already released non-pixellated versions globally. Since MSM is part of the fake knife attack promotion they had plenty of notice to pixellate faces on the first release…It’s all a scripted fake story.

yoshka123 24 hours ago
Good work. Freeze frame this clip at 1.06. The guy running towards the camera holding the knife in his right hand throws something out of his pocket with his left hand. British media identified him as an ’Undercover British Transport Cop’. Apparently!

Urkrakin Phil 11 hours ago
I noticed that right off the bat in the other videos. It is a clear cut signal to other participants. There is no discolorations of any sort on it indicating it was used to wipe blood off the knife. Furthermore, there is no blood on the knife to indicate he stabbed anyone with it. Are you people fkn blind!

Hsaive 22 hours ago
Some video coverage seems to show him putting the paper in his coat pocket before he begins to walk toward the camera. Then he throws the paper on the ground in front of the camera. It could be said that the paper was used to wipe the blade free of blood. But then he conveniently destroys the evidence by discarding the paper….all scripted.

yoshka123 1 day ago
Nice work. The bloke holding the stick or ’whale’ tusk in this clip is white right? If you look at the slightly later video just before ’the maniac’ is ’shot’ by the police the bloke holding the stick is black! The 2nd of the 3 blokes here is blonde wearing a tee shirt. Where does he disappear to in the later clip? Very cold day in London. Not tee shirt weather?????  GW: Masonic Black/White = Duality/Through the Looking Glass etc?

gocatss50 22 hours ago
That’s what I thought too, who the hell wears a T-shirt outside in late November in London? Also Narwhals are not real. Hans did a Video on this topic a year or so ago, here is a new one he just posted.

GW: I believe that this time the ”Deep State” did kill those two people in Fishmonger’s Hall though. Jack Merritt was apparently known to several people in Watford.  He lived in Hertfordshire.

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