AAG: ”Is this REALLY Usman Khan?”


GW: Hmmm. Good Point. He looks a lot bulkier doesn’t he.

From today’s ‘London Bridge terrorist attack’, there is chilling video of UK police shooting a man on the ground … there is a fight, people piled on including a perhaps civilian, then people are pulled away / jump away, and the man on the ground is shot, execution-style, gunshots clearly heard in some of the twitter video

The ‘justification’ would be that the man on the ground, originally wielding a knife, also had a suicide explosive vest

One 4chan commenter suggests that the ‘civilians’ who ‘attacked the attacker’ may well be MI5 etc agents, given the fear of typical Britons of doing such things


GW: Hmmm. Another very good point.  considering the amount of knife incidents weekly in London, it’s understandable that the GP would probably stand clear of any altercation.

Brabantian 30 November 2019
Notable how the intel-agency-tied Wikipedia ignores the contradiction in their own narrative as above.

The attacker is ‘restrained’, tackled and on the ground, very close to being unable to move … so how does shooting him become ‘necessary’?

Yet a group of London police, collectively decide to un-hand and release the man who is tackled, giving him some free moments to set off his ‘bombs’, and maybe kill the police as well as himself

Then after the pause they allowed, it becomes ‘necessary’ for police to shoot the man … whom they just released from their grip a moment earlier

Even most police are not so anxious to shoot & kill, as shootings make ‘problems’ for them … Having a violent man already tackled on the ground, police instinct is to hold him more firmly, not to release him so he can pull a trigger

Dead men tell no tales.

GW: A point I made earlier myself – though not as succinctly.

Unknown 30 November 2019
How convenient, another terrorist attack on a bridge where similar events have happened before. A bridge is one of the best places in the city to pull off a hoax event because a bridge can be shut down becoming a completely controlled environment. The M15 agents must have a good ol’ time naming these actors playing the roles of attackers and victims. How many times are (((they))) going to use the name Kahn (as in con)? And the masses will fall for this time and time again, giving up more money and freedoms. The crazies are in control and back at it again. Booo!!!

Anonymous 30 November 2019
29 November is the 333-rd day of the year. Remaining days – 33. Connect the dots (staged sh!t).

Anonymous 1 December 2019
General Election 12/12/2019. Numerically reduces to 333!

Mark Ceylon – Notts Warriors
….. Was this FAKED?

Anonymous 1 December 2019
We warned about false flags cause chabadnik Johnson is losing the elections and brexit is probably cancelled now

LONDON BRIDGE ATTACK 100% FALSE FLAG – The guy with the White Hankie

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