The Sun is offering a £10,000 reward for information on Jeffrey Epstein pal Ghislaine Maxwell

bart simpson
She is with her Father’s clan and Mossad in Israel. Meaning, she is untouchable.
Look at how they also destroyed the Labour Party, these guys are up to something ; and, i think that it is to do with Brexit and the EU.

anton glas – > bart simpson
I very much doubt that.
When these people have the power to jeopardise the British monarchy and bring down other powerful figures, they are going to conveniently disappear or be concluded as suicide cases, as did Robert Maxwell.
Wait and see.

I applaud The Sun for getting involved. Let’s hope you’re not feeling suicidal.

Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.

bart simpson – > fatpastyhead
He is alive and welll with Maxwell’s daughter in Israel.

You need to get to know Q she asked For protection against Epstein enemies in a coded picture. If shes not on the run she will be in the hands of the Q team. SUN I truly hope you read these comments. There is a huge massive world wide silent war happening right now. Start telling the people!!

Were the Recent Photos of Ghislaine Maxwell a Possible Coded Message?

  • The idea of people carrying or reading books in public when they know they will be photographed as a form of “sending a message” is not new.
  • The Post reported that Ghislaine was reading The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives. Many people took the symbolism of the book to be no coincidence
  • Anons began to look into the book that Ghislaine was reading and uncovered something weird: on the Amazon listing for that book, there was a review by a “G. Maxwell” written on the very day that the photos were published.
  • The Clintons were seen flying commercial, and Bill was reading a book about child sex crimes.
  • Part of what we were learning was that communications between Deep State “black hats” had been cut off and that the good guys were in control and had possibly frozen the assets of certain bad actors. That might account for the Clintons flying commercial among the great unwashed.
  • People took Weinstein’s public display of this book – the Biography of Elia Kazan – as a possible signal to others in Hollywood that he could take them down with him.
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