TAP: Attempt to assassinate Trump reported

Mon 18 Nov 2019
posted by Tapestry

President Trump makes unscheduled stop at military hospital to undergo battery of tests for possible deliberate poisoning of food with “time delayed” chemical agent; food tester gravely ill – White House connected source.

There was an attempted assassination of President Trump over the weekend, as he was shuttled to a military hospital for urgent medical tests after his food tester was reportedly stricken with extreme symptoms.

Medical tests could not identify the chemical that was used. Trump is reportedly in good health, but the deep state traitors are ramping up their efforts to try to eliminate the President, since their impeachment coup is rapidly collapsing.

The entire CIA-run media is blacklisting this story and refusing to cover it.


The idea that anyone might want Trump dead would be strengthened by a detailed look at Lolita Island a documentary on Enigma TV’s Chris Everard. Trump bravely accuses Hillary Clinton in a live TV debate of what the Clintons have been doing in Haiti. They wouldn’t want the truth coming out. Child prostitution. Snuff movies. Jeffrey Epstein’s island was a killing zone, visited by the Clintons on a regular basis. Trump seems to know what has gone on and is a danger to the Swamp.

The documentary also suggests Epstein is not dead, and has salted away billions.

Attempt to assassinate Trump reported

GW: Meanwhile it has been said on Twitter that Goggle is actively using algorithms to ”bury” any reference to ”Natural News” other than to say it is ”a site not to be be trusted.”



Messiah of the Illuminati – presented by CHRIS EVERARD™

The Enigma Channel
29 November 2015

In this Video Mr Everard says his films tend not to stay up very long on video-share websites like JubeTube etc due to the nature of the content.

Julius Steele
Chris Sabbatai Zevi was the most influential RABBI of the last 2000 yrs. and hardly anything is written about him… He declared himself the Messiah on get this 6/18/1666! He practiced the LURIANIC KABBALAH! At the height of his power he had over 1,000,000 JEW’S following him. As I said hardly anything on the man! He also established the DONMEH in Turkey and Salonika! Israel is ruled by the SABATIAN-FRANKIST.. so is Saudi Arabia, Jordan and many other countries! These bastards believe God has 2 hands. They believe doing Evil is just working GOD’S left hand and is actually more useful in establishing their goals. They said since we can’t all be saints, let’s all be sinner’s! Also if they make the world a living hell by practicing GOD’S left hand, they’ll use up all the evil energy in the universe and force the Messiah to come back!

Dr. Elizabeth Martin
One of the most brilliant talks ever, Mr. Everard! Thank-you. I read a book about Sabbatai Tzvi years ago, but I read it quickly in the midst of much activity, and work. so I did NOT pick up the fact that he INVERTED the Commandments. Wow……..I knew about the wife-swapping, but that was the worst I remembered – that seems the very least now – consenting adults, right? Who knows what can stop these “powers”? These “inverters” appear in every culture, esp. religions. Our world is being inverted in front of us right now, eh? DO NOT CONSENT. cheers

They’re called crypto-Jews because they will convert, on the surface, to ANY religion or denomination in order to suit their agendas or purposes. But they have not just ‘infiltrated’ the catholic church. They are actually working WITH the catholic Jesuits & with the Rothschild family to form a 3 armed monster… the Rothschilds, the Jesuit Illuminati… (Adam Weishaupt)… & the Shabbatean-Frankists + Donmeh, which are the Zionists. They are Zohar-ists, ANTI-Torah & talmudic. All three have the same goals. They use the Hegelian Dialectic in everything they do... & they are the ones ruling the globe behind the scenes. The catholics blame the Zionist Jews when it’s needed for their agendas & the Zionist Jews blame the catholics when it’s needed for their agendas... while all the time they’re working together. And they’re all working THROUGH the Freemasonic Lodges around the world… The Knights of Malta & the Knights Templar. It’s NOT what you called… ‘Zevitism’. RATHER… it’s the Jesuits, the Zionist crypto-Jews & the Rothschilds working TOGETHER… to bring the entire global population BACK under hte control of the catholic church like it USE to be… & to KILL Protestantism completely. The Jesuits have been working toward THAT goal since the reformation first happened, when Loyola created the Jesuits for just that purpose. And they’ve joined forces with the Rothschilds & the Zionists. They ALL influence islam/all religions, governments, education, the entertainment industry, science, medicine… EVERYTHING!

Robbi Campbell
I knew some of the history but I welcome all the the missing pieces which is clear as day! Wonderful.

Don X
Thank you. THIS was the “missing link” for me to explain what I know is happening. I always had trouble with the “Zionist” part.

christopher egan
Top bloke.Keep up the good work Chris.Scotland loves your stuff.

Yasmin Talks
❤❤ nice work.

Otto Lund
Thanks abeldanger.net

Leonie Francis
thank you Chris

Toraj Ghafari
thank you for sharing this. thank you for telling the truth in this darkness, you’re the voice of millions and millions people who never had Chan’s to tell their various stories. this is Zionist New World Order. not many people have a right to tell their versions of the history!!!  only the history channel, which only tells about Rom and Rom and democracy in Rom and Jews’ agendas and more Jews’ things, yes they are talking about pyramids in Egypt too but it’s only to show, Jewish people built it!!!!!!!! and excludes and existing of Israel 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Julius Steele
I’ve heard after Sabbatai Svi death their next “Messiah” was Baruchia Russo! Then after Russo died, came Yakob Frank. And that Frank once told the followers of this movement, ” Sabbatai was Messiah. Baruchia Russo.was Messiah.And I myself am Messiah. And us three are manifestations of the one…”

Mohmed Elabth
big truth

Bak Mei Kuen
Shabbatai Tzvi in Hebrew means Sabbatean Goat. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you find the goat head consistently being associated with their Dialectic occult offshoots.

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