Qantas demands retract his ‘racist cabin crew’ accusation or they’ll see him in court

She told The Australian takeoff and landing were “critical operational times”, and a flying laptop could cause ­serious injury to another passenger or crew member.

“As employees, crew are bound to follow their employer’s direction. It seems that in doing this, crew are being vilified and ­attacked on ­social media,” she said.

Christopher Arnfield
The usual victimhood from the usual sources. The guy has a chip on his shoulder the size of Africa

Here we go again with another entitled celebrity thinking they’re above everyone else. Hope he gets sued and all the staff at quantas get a massive bonus

Another celebrity bleating about egotistical entitlement. Hope it ends up in court and he loses.

John Stanton
Another Jussie Smollett

GW: Yep one needs to watch one’s ps & qs when one encounters border staff in Australia even if UR ”entertaining” – they not larfing mate.

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