• Swinson combines insanity, delusion and ambition in a deeply unpleasant mix.”
  • David Gauke says Boris Johnson is ‘not being straight’ with voters.
  • Labour Party Pledge: “We will reduce the threshold for 45p rate to £80,000 and reintroduce the 50p rate for £125,000.


GW: And another one of ”those completely silent calls” at 11:13 eh.  Well I Never Did.

Brabantian 30 October 2019
The most powerful idea in the UK election, I think may be this one:

”A Labour government will reduce the average full-time working week to 32 hours with no loss of pay within the next decade, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has announced.”

Common Britons are frequently pushed into working too many hours, they are quite over-worked in EU terms … It has long been clear one can be more productive working shorter hours

If Labour emphasises this plan, they may win a stunning victory, as this idea will alter UK lives profoundly and for the better

This is realistic … automation is rapidly reducing the need for labour, as US presidential candidate Andrew Yang keeps reminding everyone

And a better social solution, involves more people working fewer hours, rather than some people working brutal hours, and observing others lounging about on benefits

If Labour presses this point loudly, they may overwhelm the UK passion regarding being betrayed on Brexit.

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