Wristbands and a sense of belonging: How Spain’s far-right Vox party has entered the mainstream

On Monday, Spaniards woke up to the reality that with 52 MPs Vox is the third biggest force in the Congress of Deputies, the Spanish lower house of parliament.

This political bombshell has come about because of a combination of global and local factors, not to mention a bit of luck, say commentators.

”If you love your country (((they))) call you a fascist.”


GW: This is just a natural reaction by people who are sick & tired of having Globalism shoved down their throats every 5 minutes.  Contrary to MSM ”Popular Opinion” people DON’T want a Globalist homogenised world filled with NeoGlobalMegaSizedCorporationJunk – We want a world where one can still travel to a place which is completely different from the place where we live & where the things found there are not all ”Made in China!”  

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