LGBT equalities education or LGBT indoctrination?

Question LGBT Ed
21 July 2019

Every parent must watch this: Birmingham Protests – Looks like tptwtb are ”ghosting” certain UTube Videos.  Try this link.  Tptwtb are now seriously ”Bit Burning”.  What is ”Bit Burning” GovWatch?  Well, (((they))) relished the period of time referred to as the Dark Ages – when only a few monks were literate. Then we had that Age of Enlightenment – all those philosophers – My favourite being Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Tptwtb had a Book Burning in the past.  What was in all those books I wonder.  Then the attacks on the printing presses because the Catholics didn’t like what Martin Luther was saying. And so forth – whenever the plebs appear to gain too much control over ”knowledge” – then it starts.


11 August 2019

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