NEWS & DIGS: Epstein’s Swedish Obsession

9 October 2019

That creepy red wigged clown – that explains Ronald McDonald.

Marcela Brandstatter
Something is Rotten in the state of Sweden [Greta, BBB …..]

LillyQ Q
They are very developed in MK

Aaron Swartz Ended up dead …suicided After he hacked into the MIT Media Lab FBI allowed Epstein to operate + get rid of Videos + DNA evidence P.S. Screen Shot + Archive What you find on seperate USB drives If Screen Shot Does not work on Google pages Get a seperate independent Screen Shot App Photos Scrubbed off Internet Are hard Evidence that is gone forever Peace ! …stay Savage !

Great work!! I could swear this Barbro Ehnbom is a man. Does not look like a woman in any way… No wonder Epstein has ties to the royals. There is a guy stating that they are all running child trafficking rings. Could be really dangerous to dig further.

Patrick Oh!
Didn’t they do the first gender reassignment surgeries in Sweden? Perhaps all of the donations to medical centers may relate to ultimately these procedures

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