Nottinghamshire school told children they must not leave common room while un-named ‘minister’ was on premises

Pupils at a Nottinghamshire school were ‘locked’ away – shut in a room and ordered not to come out – while Boris Johnson visited today.

Outraged parents related the facts on social media:


Johnson has pupils shut away in room while he visits school

Joseph OKEEFE 08/11/2019
No doubt the pupils would have vented their righteous anger on De piffel Johnson…..Obviously they are not lmppresed by our Bullingdon boy wonder and couldn’t wait to get their hands on him…I wonder why?

teveH 08/11/2019
Does Boris understand his own Brexit Deal, apparently not.

RH 08/11/2019
“he had children shut away”

… probably not, to be realistic. But academy top dogs (a class benefitting from Tory privatisation) may likely be a bit nervous of letting intelligent 16-18 year olds near Mr Toad lest they squash him.

CMG 08/11/2019
Linking your two stories from Nottingham: Team Boris shuts out the local press to avoid unpredictable questions. Full story at

Poorly managed visit from Boris Johnson in Sutton leaves voters with unanswered questions

SteveH 08/11/2019
“We were allowed to ask Mr Johnson just one question each, despite waiting nearly two hours and thinking we may get chance to hold a Prime Minister to account during what is arguably the most important general election in a lifetime.”

Scrutiny is what Boris fears the most.
The House of Lords have today exposed the extreme power grabs contained within the Tory Brexit Bill.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit Withdrawal Bill ‘Power Grabs’ Torpedoed by House of Lords Peers

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