Gender Madness in CANADA / Animal Cruelty in SWEDEN / Dream Interpretation

Sanity 4 Sweden
9 November 2019

Gary Webb
Sounds like you’re frustrated by everything happening now. Right is wrong and wrong is right! The Bible makes it clearer when it says that in the end people will say that evil is good and good is evil. I too share your frustration. 😠

Robin Lundstrum
Exactly. It’s playing out just like the book said. And it’s terrifying. I still think we are called to stop evil. Too many Christians are not fighting this. We’re not supposed to cave in. I have heard it said that in every generation there is an antichrist. And he will not prevail if enough good people stop him. I do understand there’s other prophecy then the anti-Christ which indicates we are in the end times. My response is faded, tooth and nail. some people say that end times eschatology is a recent interpretation of The book of Revelation. I don’t know for sure I just know i’m going to fight the evil

Desiree Palmer
I agree with both of you, Brethren. Our Bible, in Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelations speak of these times. The flood (migrant people) from the dragon’s mouth (satan) is evident. The wicked with their tongues sticking out, gender issues, disrespectful.. Jesus told His disciples sell the cloak take up a sword(Matthew).I too will fight, but we don’t win. We win when King Jesus returns, taking some to😇others, the blood as high as a horses bridle then 🔥. Jeremiah 33:3,a powerful verse, we need this! 😇

Irish Stock
@Robin Lundstrum ,you best be prayed up for that.

Lily Martens
They are considering letting illegals ride free cause they freak out, attack the driver or storm and rage if asked to pay!


Gisele Hetu
Hi! I live in Ottawa and my son goes to a school in the Ottawa-Carlton school district! We have not seen a single mention of this story here! Can you please send me a link to it so that I can share it on my Twitter account? I am @waikikigigi Thanks! ps Love your videos!

Bill Burnhope
Gisele Hetu , just look at google, put in , 6 year olds family in Ontario files complaint. You’ll be amazed at what comes up. It doesn’t seem that any other family at the school did anything about it! There’s a thought!

Sonja Jacob
The dream was your subconscious mind letting you know you are very angry at what is happening to your society and you know that those who have not built your society have no respect for it and wish to tear it down. This has enraged you and you are fearful this rage will consume you enough to go too far in your fight to protect what you hold dear. You feel alone in your fight and unsupported by those in your circle and you know if things go too far for whatever reason you will have to face those who will punish you alone, as others do not feel the need to fight for the same values as you do. It is an insightful dream about your personal safety. 🦁

Bruce Raggett
The swamp creatures have brainwashed the majority into compliance leaving only a few to stand alone as the sun goes down on freedom. That is my take on this dream. Lets make George Orwell fiction again ! And, Epstein did not kill himself!

king on common law
As a basic rule of thumb – if u are a primary player in ur dream, the other actors in the dream are a part of u, so think of each said actor and usually what comes to mind and how each one makes u feel is that part of u- this is ur own heart speaking to u about something to help u figure shit out

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