Australian Dr Murdered Political Hit South Africa / USTD hard stance on Corruption

The Hawk
10 November 2019

Francois Pretorius
I was born and lived in South Africa all my life. I am 61. All is true what the Hawk says here. Except for things like the people in some hospitals lie on the floor in the passages (no beds). The other day a stack of beds was found in an empty yard. Nobody knows why. People young and old must get family to fed them and help them to the bath rooms and back, wash them, etc. The personnel refuse to do it. All cleaners of the past are now nurses. People the Hawk knows what he speaks about and please help the people in South Africa by spreading his clips. A special thank you for the US with their sanctions against the Guptas. God save you all.

J. M.
That’s Julius Mlema’s work. Those individuals who paid the 400 ran to go on a weekend to learn about how to fire a gun that’s where that transpired a training camp but it was more than just a weekend of trading. They would have to find out how that property was built to be able to get into the roof. How was it that this woman didn’t hear what was going on in the roof. How big is this house and she was unable to communicate with her husband. Because there may have been a piece of technology that blocks cell phone communication. A jamming device that can be purchased on the internet for $3,500 made in China. Military position assassination. I’ve yet to hear from Julius Malema I haven’t heard him on the alternative media. He’s been quiet lately.

forest man
You can be sure he’s behind a lot of these killings.

Johan Kotze
George Soros not only owns and controls the South African main stream media but also the entire ANC/DA/EFF and BLF political structures. Thanks Hawk for caring about us in this crime ridden hateful country! (edited)

Juul Clark
It’s a disgrace that those rich globalists have totally ruined South Africa and no leaders of the western world have come out to help South Africa. This gives a signal to the ANC that they have nothing to worry about and they can do as they please, murdering white farmers so they can take land and sell the land to the Chinese! Ramaphosa is such a liar! I doubt whether he ever spoke directly to Donald Trump! Tragic story about that farmer and his daughter! OMG how she must have suffered! (edited)

Anita Hofmaenner
The reason the western governments are not coming to our rescue, is because they are ALL part of it.

mary hartsdale
Yes! You are so right about Kissinger and Oppenheimer! Have you read “Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300” by Dr. John Coleman, formerly MI6. Dr. Coleman describes what the elites did to South Africa and their plans for world domination by destroying the US Constitution and severely culling the global population

Edward Pennacchini
Everyone please watch livestream on ”Loving Life” channel at 20h00 South Australia time on Friday. Scott will be interviewing General Izak van Zyl from Boerelegioen. This is very important.

Pax et bonum
Good evening. The best advice I can give is that the people in South Africa write a open letter to all the main newspapers in Germany (you can write in English because in Germany they all speak English ) asking the people of Germany to come to their aid. Insisting on the white genocide that is going on in the country and that for the German people it can be the occasion to redeem themselves in front of the world and human history for the crimes occurred during Second World War. Play the card of the rivalry between UK and Germany, telling that now are the British that are carrying on like the nazi’s because they are behind these killings. Ask them to help to start a humanitarian corridor and help organise the biggest mass move in history. This will redeem them in front of the world and they will be able to stand with pride again in history and you will be there as a testimonial that Germans have learned from their past wile Britain no. Greetings. God bless you.

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