ICIJ: What Happened With The Panama Papers?

2 April 2019

Thanks to ”Daddy Dragon” for the link.

John Ratcliffe: FISA Report Coming Out In 2 Weeks

”Upon the completion of that process the report will be delivered to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, who has pledged to do a ”deep dive” of his own into FISA that will run concurrently with US Attorney John Durham’s review of the early stages of the Russia investigation.’ DD: This is the bit that is really panicking (((them.))) (((They))) badly want to impeach Trump before the shitf.  Treason has been committed by numbers of intelligence services including those in Italy, Australia & UK.  The second element is the ”money laundering” which is being done by government leaders worldwide.  Ukraine is just the tip of the iceberg.

GW: Hugely corrupt system that’s for sure.  Gordon Bowden has been on (((their))) trail here in UK for ages.  Ergo 788 Finchley Road.

Further Essential Reading – europa: Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union 2015

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