Four members of a Romanian Grooming Gang that sexually abused girls as young as 12 in Manchester have been jailed

Sebastian & Ilie Baltatu targeted the youngest victim along with Parizian Calin. Adrian Calin also took part & was jailed for inciting a 15 year old girl into sexual activity.

Judge Suzanne Goddard QC called their actions ”heartless, immoral & illegal”’.

‘Each of these girls was particularly vulnerable because of their personal circumstances as children in care who had all had difficult childhoods,” she told Manchester Crown Court.

The group met the 12 year old in Crowcroft Park & Parisian – a 20 year old father – raped her in some bushes & then made her available to others. He also took her to what she described as a ”brothel house” in Levenshulme where another Romanian man did the same.

The court was told that Adrian has 3 children & has ”a sense of sexual entitlement & lack of respect in relationships with women.”

The men were jailed days after a report warned that councils were acting as ”recruiting sergeants” for grooming & drug gangs by sending children in care away from the home areas into unsafe accommodation.

Other Romanian members linked to the group & sought by police have fled abroad.

GW: Well Well so the ”gang” wasn’t just the four who were jailed then.  Khazarian origins again.  Look up Khazarian history – not a very nice racial stock at all.  Quite ruthless & with no qualms about looting, lying & hiding from their crimes & bad reputation within a religion. If I was Khazar I would join a monastery & pray for my fellow Khazars.

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