Ms Un-Remarkleable is going to give Archie’s clothes & toys away in S Africa

The seems like a terrible idea.

Has David Lammy been asked his opinion about this charitable act?  How does she differ from Stacy Dooley who he accused of acting like a ”white saviour”?  Apart from the obvious of course.

Kantami Blossom @The Metro
so according to that bawbag Lammy as a white man i’m creating a “white saviour” racial stereotype by trying to help starving black kids.

o.k from now on i’ll make sure any money i give to charity will only help starving white kids, i’ll still be a racist but at least i won’t be setting myself up as a false saviour.

Mark Richard Milton @The Metro
All that several decades of charity for Aftrica has done is create a generation of Africans who do nothing for themselves because “Dumb white people will clothe and feed us, build houses for us, etc.”. The “Dumb white people” being the libturds who cause more problems in western society than they resolve.

Just leave Africa to itself. Charity begins at home and the billions wasted on Africa could literally eradicate homelessness and hunger in the UK.

There are no indigent mothers in the UK who could benefit from this? The items have to be hauled to another continent to be donated? This is just another –”I’m so generous – look at ME ME ME” stunt by Media Markle.

This woman could not be more contemptuous of the UK if she were trying. Perhaps she is.

GW: There has suddenly been an awful lot of ”Look at us – we take cheap commercial flights” propaganda in the papers since the trouble about the Harkles lecturing us all on Climategate while taking private jets here & there everywhere at enormous expense during the summer – plus further a announcement that they supposedly paid the costs of taking the entourage to SA themselves. I doubt it.  What about that UKPDS 9,000 Black Valentino dress Ms Antoinette wore recently in Italy cf how hard up the average South African is & who paid for IT?  Furthermore Ms Megan Antoinette would not have the slightest idea about the hardships of women in SA – especially the white farmers’ wives – & yet she is going to lecture them all on Domestic Violence apparently.  Sheesh!

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