Jodie Chesney was knifed in the back by a pair of drug dealers as she sat in a park in Harold Hill, East London with her friends playing music and smoking cannabis – the Old Bailey was told.

Eddie Jodie’s bereaved boyfriend went on: “I saw two men walk towards us from the side entrance. I couldn’t really hear them, I saw them as they were walking along the path.

“The shorter one came through the gate, they came towards us. Then the taller one came right up behind Jodie.

‘He (the shorter one) came right behind Jodie as well. They were about a metre apart from each other.

‘The taller one swung his arm out and then stabbed Jodie in the back. Right round at shoulder’s height and round the side.

“I saw something small and dark. I couldn’t really see what it was.”
“I thought he was going to punch her. The taller one stabbed her in the back.”

Eddie stood up as he then visibly showed the jury how 19-year-old Svenson Ong-a-Kwie allegedly swung his right hand at shoulder height.

Eddie said police then turned up, followed by an ambulance and Jodie was carried off on a stretcher.

Ong-a-Kwie, of Romford – Manuel Petrovich – 20 – of Collier Row – and two boys aged 16 and 17 – deny Jodie’s murder.

GW: R.I.P – Drug Dealing is a low life activity as is taking the life of an innocent member of our community who actually was doing something useful for us – i.e. leading a scout group.  What have these dross given us?  Why are they even here?  Why doesn’t UK have a points system for entry?  (((They))) ought to have at least a needed profession & experience plus a Tertiary Ed before (((they))) are even invited for interview!

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