UK Column News 20 September 2019

  • MEP James Wells should be applauded for his speech laying out the dangers of accepting Treason May’s Surrender Deal.  
  • BG: This is what should be happening in Westminster.  MR: All the Brexit Party MEPs were nodding their heads.  If Nigel Farage had said that in the UK – calling the EU Army what it is – a Defence Union & talking about the subjugation of UK under the EU – then that would be a good thing.  BG: There must be a D Notice on MPs in the UK over mentioning the Defence Union.   We are looking at Blackmail here – MPs are too scared to mention it.  The Civil Service do not want to come out of the EU & are therefore running a conspiracy against the Leave majority.
  • In the Supreme Court yesterday Lord Advocate for Scotland Mr Woolf who was representing the Scottish Government was left lost for words when questioned by the Judge on a point of order during his presentation on the proroguing of Parliament saying ”you are falling back on convention rather than on law & there is no statutory requirement to hold a Parliament for 3 years.”  DS: Yes Mr Woolf is not the most steady person under fire & he is not a good performer when thinking on his feet.
  • The Named Person Scheme in Scotland has  been scrapped & this has been an excellent victory for the ”little people” v the State Totalitarian System.
  • Young people & stupid people are supposedly not engaging with the MSM  apparently & SKY News is very worried about it.
  • LGBT teaching row: Ministers accused of ‘radio silence’ over protests
  • BG: The parents are saying that the children are too young to be exposed to such sexualisation but Dame Louise Casey says that there is ”a lack of integration by some families’‘ when this is not the case.  Whereas the families are saying that the sex ed is too much, too early & it’s gross.
  • BG: Xtinction Rebellion calling on schoolchildren to ”break the law” is an example of the Extreme Left seeming to be allowed unlimited boundaries whereas those of the Right are constantly being criticised & having boundaries set by authorities.
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