Jeff Taylor: Boris Won’t Be Bullied – Part ii

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No, the £40 billion the EU demands amounts to £11000 each for every UK working man and woman. Kapeesh?

CA, Remainers didn’t know what they voted for!

Tony Papantoniou
The judges will be upsetting a large proportion of the population what ever side they choose, but Brexiters now outnumber Remainers 2 to 1, So it would be better to go with majority.

What is source of that info.?

Tony Papantoniou

New King
@Ninjas Unite Try reading the Vienna convention. It gets worse than the Lisbon Treaty. Remain. Or deal. Is death sentence for Britain.

Fred Neecher
@Ninjas Unite Wrong. The Lisbon Treaty was SIGNED in 2009. It contains clauses that are timed to come into effect at a later date (of the Commissioners’ choosing). Such clauses are called “Commencement Clauses”, and they are a common device in such agreements. The original plan was for ALL signatory states to adopt the Euro and become part of the Schengen Area by 2020. That plan was delayed, partly because of the Greece debacle, so according to Juncker’s State of the Union Speech of March last year it will now come into effect in 2025. But there are other clauses that will come into effect in 2020, but of course you know what they are, so I won’t bore you with details that plainly don’t interest you.

New King
@waldo197720 This happened in my quiet little Anglican town mate.
Those bastards don’t care about human life never mind human rights.
The left systematically bring in migrants to work the labour for them because the national labourers want more hourly pay. Less tax. & other things that we’re entitled to.
The left want cheap labour so the state get rich and the nationals dissolve further into poverty and jobless homelessness.
It’s Ethnic genocide. Google that.
True Englishmen are the oppressed in the UK.
Our language was outlawed our religion diluted and altered.
Our English flag isn’t saint Turkish George. Or Union Jack. That’s Plantagenet and Tudor.
We’re called British and forced to accept rulers on the English throne who are not English. Not even British.
And “English” get the blame for everything.
Ireland and Scotland will be next on the ethnic cleansing of the left’s agenda you’ll see soon.
It’s actually pretty damn sad that nobody learns history anymore.

New King
@Eoin English That’s just one town.
But it’s happening in all of Ireland’s small towns.
Sadly media is not being reported – these anti EU protests.
Just covering the remain propaganda.
Look at antifascists waving foreign flags with masks on.
Screaming up the RA.
They’re the definition of fascism.
George Soros cronies.
We all need to unite as people screw politics. And politicians.
This Is about our freedoms. And democracy.

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