Ms Un-Remarkleable name checked her self 43 times in one 6 minute speech

Media Meghan is the architect of her own demise!

GW: It is said that MM is ”unhappy with her royal role” & some smartypants quipped ”what role is that – the role of court jester?” It is also said that MM wants to be a ”role model” for women. How can she be a role model for today’s women when she has done so little in her life of any real worth apart form a shallow interest in fashion, when there are 1000’s of ordinary women who have done so much more?  A single parent I know single-handedly got her son to Oxford. Ms Un-Remarkleable, on the other hand, has married into privilege & wealth so that she should have none of this other woman’s money worries when it comes to expensive school fees etc.

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