LONDON Baby Penguin, boy or girl? / TERRIBLE News for Climate Alarmists

Sanity 4 Sweden
14 September 2019

Oh dear the poor Climate Catastraphobes.

The cultural marxist globalist elites never miss an opportunity to further their agenda. But we are not fooled any longer, we laugh at their feeble attempts. 🙂

Günnår Algøtsmann
@ tjenahoj It will be turn ugly for them really soon. If they think that the majority will follow them, they will be destroyed by that majority. Greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪.

David Steenhuis
Love to hear lefty loony stories ! Makes it so much easier to decide whom to vote for !

Stefan, you forgot to mention, that If anyone labels the Penguin as either a boy or girl they will be arrested for hate speech.

Gatekeeper of the Patriarchy
X chromosome
Y chromosome
That’s all folks.
Just the 2.

Randal Glyph
Michael Mann is a complete fraud. The real climatologist and debunker: Tony Heller has videos exposing Mann, and the whole climate change lie. Excellent videos, full of facts

Chris Kaley
Mann tried to stitch recorded, observed data to predictions to come up with his hockey stick, and got found out. No wonder he isn’t keen to reveal his sources. Just another arrogant, lying manipulator of the truth. He is also involved in a legal wrangle with Mark Steyn, in Canada I hope the smug git loses that one, too.

Pinco Pallino
You must see the crowds in Italy. Right now Salvini’s filling a whole grassland in Pontida There’s a live on his facebook (edited)

Hellequin, Gentleman Bastard
No wonder that the UN loves this guy, nothing not to back up their Fraudulent Drive for World Government with the Climate Scam. What will Saint Greta and her sycophantic Acolytes do NOW to push their Agenda? I’m sure they’ll find something to rile up the over-academented Masses into another hysteria.

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