The Gilets Noires
Way of the World
13 July 2019

GW: I really don’t see the point of coming to a country if you despise it & the people in it. Spending life growing up hating them – one supposes –  & then promptly getting on the trail to go there & sponge off the very people you despise. I can’t think of anything worse than living cheek to jowl with people one does not really like. I certainly wouldn’t move to the country.  I was told by someone who was the daughter of a tribal elder from East Africa some time ago that there was once a marauding Tribe which swept through Africa destroying anything of value in its path & the remnants of this tribe ended up in West Africa.  It might have just been a joke but when I see wanton destruction by African migrants in Europe I often think of this & wonder if it was actually true.

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