The Duran: SNC Lavalin Report Exposes Trudeau’s Corruption

The Duran
23 August 2019

Rob Ford
One of Trudy’s Mentors was $Hillary..Worst Canadian P.M..Ever…Disgraceful Globalist Spineless Puppet…

Josephine Fothergill
There were also illegal donations to the Liberal party paid by SNC and covered up until recently.

Josephine Fothergill
He has no moral compass. He is the worst PM Canada has ever had and the only PM to have had ethics charges against him. I do believe Canadians are waking up and maybe the polls aren’t as close as Trudeau would like.

Green Bastard
Embarrassment to our whole country. What’s more embarrassing is our conservative party is basically Diet Coke liberals. PPC is the sanest choice but instead we will end up with one of the two most punchable faces in politics as our “leader”. I couldn’t care less about any of this….I am that blackpilled at this point. Endless immigration and ever expanding nanny state which us taxpayers can’t afford anymore. That’s all we can expect. Kobayashi Maru. (edited)

Gloria Allmomd
Trudeau and Macron should get married, The world’s biggest fools!!!!! Corruption and scandals worldwide today. Wow!!!!

Rob Ford
Max Bernier is the next new P.M. of Canada..P.P.C…Sheer and Trudy are doing everything they can to stop Him…

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