Letters to Metro: Does anyone buy this idea that it’s all about racism?

Jameela Jamil joins Elton John and Pink in defending Meghan Markle, as she calls out ‘racist press’

Jameela Jamil thinks England has ”lost its marbles” & we are all racists and muppets because we care about the planet?  How on earth did you get racism from that?

You belittle both issues – carbon footprint & racism – with such silliness.

Jane London

Come on Ms Jamil, the royals’ attitude of ”do as I say, not as I do” is what is being debated here & it’s pretty poor show to play the race card in an attempt to divert attention from the main topic being discussed.

When you are at the bottom of a deep hole, stop digging.  And for a lot of us out here who help foot the bill for these people to live in the way they do, the hypocrisy of it cuts a bit deep at times.

So please, reserve your accusations of ”racist bullying” for those who really deserve them.  Your friends have been caught out flying the flag of double standards & they are being justifiably & very publicly spanked for it.  I can only hope that, as we say these days, ”lessons will be learned.”

By the way, I haven’t been on any sort of holiday for the past 4 years.

Mark Redditch

24 August 2019: Ms Un-Remarkleable & Harry Fight Back Against Criticism ”By ESCAPING Britain”

Restore Democracy
Possibly, maybe ….. just tell us when they HAVE gone.

GW: One thing I was told over & over by my father – you never run away from difficulties – That just gives you long-term regrets & more difficulties.  It shows your weakness for all to see.  It looks as if this person has been sent in by the Deep State to destroy the RF.

Ms Un-Remarkleable won’t take a back seat – Royal couple are ”increasingly confused”

Confused, yes she thinks most of the UK like her.

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