Secret Tunnels And Missile Silos In Greenland? :coded:

22 August 2019

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Host: Thomas
Producer: Seth Hilton
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Randi Jones
When you do the story on tunnels we have them all in Arkansas they go under the Ozarks hundreds of miles all the way to Mexico and who knows where else. Jesse Ventura has a video on them. They have a house claimed to be a house but it’s bigger than the White House. It could be 3 of the white houses. It’s heavily guarded …. its nickname is ”the castle”. It’s in the middle of no-where around the same place as the tunnels. These tunnels have semi trucks hauling supplies ….

Dana M
Ironically Ovomit is headed to Denmark!! So I think Trump is pointing to that too. time to Erase Traitor 44 from our HISTORY!!!

Teresa B
So, yes! My spider sense must be onto something. Could Epstein (and Maxwell) have been transported to Greenland by (DS) & Trump is letting [Denmark] know that he knows. Also, yesterday, on public TV, there was a special program on about the children of Greenland suffering emotionally from separation from parents due to alcoholism & how Denmark doesn’t provide any psychological help to those isolated communities because they don’t believe in it! (?) Maybe Trump has a humanitarian motive for acquiring Greenland, also known as an intersection for child-trafficking. Too many coincidences?

Dante Ochotorena
Denmark is Dan-mark from the tribe of DAN of the 12 tribes …. The elites are the tribe of DAN ….

mzgotti2u mzgotti2u
Ghislane is NO lady. Please! Naomi said this morning she was only on the plane once & didn’t know anything. Yeah right. Let’s put the pilot in protective custody. Such a witness.

max stearns
Research Rupis Negra in the North Pole. Ur COME-PASS points there for a reason folks.

This is what I have heard the last few days …. Monroe Doctrine …. it is in our hemisphere so we defend it in troubled times. China has miners there & plan on 3 new airports, next will come their military. We have a nuclear base ”Centruy Camp” on which we have been working feverishly. I believe that is why we have been chemtrailing so heavily. You can thank Obama for letting up guard which allowed the Chinese. There is a holdings company there that the Democratic Party & their donors are linked to that exists there. I believe it is a Deep State hideout. Many rumours of child abuse there for a limited population.

Martin Hayes
Naomi Campbell has always been a nasty bit of work. She has an island designed by the same Russian as Epstein Island. Top Russian Mafia. Vanilla Ice called parties there ”eyes wide shut parties.”

Dan Moore
Thomas …. Denmark, Copenhagen?…. Not Deep State, Illuminati no, this place is and has always been …… SATANISTS’ GROUND ZERO

GW: There have been some ”issues” getting this up today but Ai & its algorithms didn’t count on this operative’s determination & it is very satisfying to now see more of the Deep State Dirty Linen (DSDL) at last hanging out on the GovWatch Washing Line (GWWL) for all the proles, normies, General Sheeplic, Etc to see.  Thanks to TRUtreporting for the information.  Really good Intel.

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